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And with that this chapter ends.
Just incase anyone gets confused, those flashbacks are of 3 separate events. The Gallade family thing, rebels in a civilian area and bombing of a hospital.
Oh dear...
Things are starting to wrap up here.
Zuke's still going ham and the person who can stop him the easiest is just watching.
Why won't you die?
Come on Zuke, finish this guy off!
Come on Zuke, don't let him get away with this!
This isn't looking good.
And the battle rages on!
Go, Zuke!
@hatman1801: Nah Rez is a scrub.
Suck it up!
Waz getting Gapa mad again.
Go Team!
@shadowmwape: I'm sorry but I've already decided what characters would join the resistance. But I can put them in as cameos if you want.
@CarnageRulez312: Thanks, glad you like it.