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To Qoute Christopher Marlowe
Goodness is beauty in the best estate.

My addition:
Because goodness finally found a house.
Back in the saddle
Yo Mar,

Back in the saddle again ;-) this requires a good single malt whisky which is at least 15 years of age so it's still under the min. age (so you get 3 probational years and some community service, with a good lawyer )

My treat, I'll call you soon.

Peer de Klezmerteef
And there was much rejoicment
My brother from an other mother
I'm proud of you.

Makes me wanna cry tears of profound proudness....
You have the Pere Jezuz stamp of approvement
Yo personal life issues
Personal life is inviting you for a drink of whiskey soon... BIG EARS
In the frozen land of Nador, they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels
and there was much rejoicing.
Pere Jezuz is ook super trots op je we drinken er een glas op vandaag (en bij ons is het Whiskey je kent mijn favoriete drankje)

mzzlTOF Peer de klezmerteef

post scriptum:
ik kan hem niet raten... je sterretjes zitten voor de helft verstopt onder de balk. systeem is firefox 3.5.nog wat

post post scriptum:
groeten aan mamagriet
Damn you and your tricky ninja mind tricks
naugthy boy
only practitioners of the art (and a select few of outsiders like me) are aware of the magnet trick.... you naughty boy what have u been hiding from me
ariel zwemt in haar eigen zeik als ze achter een bosje plast
real life.... swamped.... u finished that bottle of whiskey without me matey ;-) .... everyone would be swamped with those life conditions
me is pleased
The mighty Peer (Baba Yaga ain't got shit on me and my "delusion of the grandeur") is very pleased with the new layout but must point out out that paradonia is right....
Lookin' good Daddy`o
Oi... Smeghead

Your working like crazy on this comic... me like...

but `painly nose` (this is cockny Rhyming Slang translated from english to dutch to english... are you pondering allready on the meaning of it....) good work dude I´m proud of you.
Almost looks like a scene from last thursday mornin'.....

"The drums the never ending drums"
just to quote the master