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Kuro Kokoro
ARGG...Imma yaoi zombie! :o
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Takao and Rin would make a great couple. ;u;
ShinjixLucas ;u;
Haha. Rape face. 8D

Jax just needs another man in his lifeeee~
My love for Jax is ever growing~<3
Thank you!<3

I look forward to your response. :D
And that's how he makes a living.
I pretty much failed at capturing Tarrent's aura/personality. lul.
I love how he turned out though. Can't say that about Fey, his pose looks weird..

Yey for sexual distractions and zydrate bubbles? *too lazy to come up with a background*

I can finally draw hands. ouo
I'm kinda hoping Raphe will stay with Jax now. >:1
They'd make such a cute couple. <3
His smile is contagious. :DD
I love how you drew them<3

That pannel with chibi Fey made me giggle. 8'D

*scurries off to make a reply comic*
No you don't, that's rain. ouo
Their fights make me giggle. :>
I hope Kevin sees/hears. D:<
But, you're not and you do! ;w;

The way Brian blushes in front of Richard is just cute. c:

Ohh FFFF, Good luck, I become one in the 2nd of Sept, lul... D:
LOLOL, reference. XDD
Haha. Male PMS. XDDD

Love their expressions in the second to last panel. ouo
OMG, their just so flipping cute!!! >W<
*adores* owo
Haha. 8DD
Saul's just so full of him self XD