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yay!! :D Thanks a lot for the review ^W^. I love it! Well females exist in the comic, some will appear later :3 its just focused into the yaoi part XD
Nice comic!! I love it x3
ummm can i join a furry character? @@ its only i cannot draw humans ;__; if not, its ok :3
Comic review
Hii! Id really like my comic to be reviewed :3 Here is the link ^^
Comic review
Umm how can i sign up my comic for a review? :3 thanks!
Esta geniaaal x3 pon MASH X3
Claro con gusto x3 AƱademe al msn y te ayudo desde ahi >w<
Wolas Funeral-Paws *o* Tienes ubn webcomic!! fav+! X3
Nice! I love your comic so much!! Its so cool *o*