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Yay you're back! :D I almost forgot how cute this comic is, so I can't wait for more updates!
So glad to see you update here again! I'll be sure to check out the new site while I'm at it. ^ w ^
Is it just me, or does Kane look a lil too much like Pifo in that second panel? XD As always, I love this comic more & more.
* A *
Gosh, the coloring on this page is spectacular~ Can't wait for more
Sweet deal, I've been dieing for some updates~ :3
Sweet deal, you're gonna be at ACen? Must go look for you when i get there. :3
Yay! I'm glad you decided to come back. I love this comic a lot, and i can't wait to read more. :3

Keep up the good work!
Jellah you need to update more, otherwise i'll be confused

btw I ruve your comics! XD