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Sup guys? It's been awhile, for anyone who actually remembers me, and for those who don't, it's Mart here.

So now that I'm in high school and shit, I got more stuff to do. but it's nearing the end of the year, and I've gotten bored these last few weeks. So I might make comics for my only live comic "Martaholic Cases."

If you wanan chat, or anything, hit me up via email or pm.
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Marcus I think Cman mean't that it appeared SMF posted that on the 2nd.
Can't you just feel the love being passed around in here?..
Deltoo, I've been like...really busy and getting stuff together and all that.
lol, how have you been bro?
My god, I've must've seen this sort of thing like a billion times already.
Dang..I wanna update but Im super busy with late projects for skool...D: alsmot summah for me...yay.

..Feed him Vegetables.

E-Man should join this comic..o:
Finally, yet another update.

..Gee I hope my deposit on those cookies didnt goto waste.
Maybe he thinks he's Bill Clinton
punz lol
Some1 shoudl jack that food on the table...-err I mean ps2 o.e
"its electrifying!" lol
Aw man, that sandwich I got from subway D:
telephone operator!
Cool Fanatico, hmm...we need a leader...G.B.A? - LEAD US DAMMIT D:
Sorry Fanatico, you need to wait till G.B.A or SMF accept or reject your yeah.

Edit: If I can think of a good idea to post, I'll post it here.
Fanatico- Send an Application to Author
The shit looks like the top of an ice cream cone...

Oh god now Im never eating chocolate ice cream again o.e
Needs moar Mart..

But then again, since when does a Fox's opinion matter? D: