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I live in Canada =) (what an awesome first line to introduce myself) Like most artists here I love to enjoy spare time for lots of doodling and creativity... though mine is limited @w@

Let's see what else? My favorite anime is Katekyo Hitman Reborn, my favorite food udon noodles :3, bla bla bla...

Ok you probably know I'm a boring person by now. Thanks.
April 15th, 2009
New student to shadow a near three-timer freshman?
Wonderful~ <3 She's different and I likes it xD

@fallenheart: Sure, go for it!
April 8th, 2009
Seems like Kitty's blood has bled some of Kitty's personality into Diji after she ate the tampon...
that's just my interpretation.
"Because you guys do it so much better than I do." xDDD Oh Cerias, you're so honest with yourself <3
February 20th, 2009
What with all of the 'tampon' ideas... I think it's... something that has to do with foul or dirty blood. :3 In the end, it's probably still a tampon :(
February 17th, 2009
Homg ;_; I dunno what to guess. I think I might run away crying like a baby before the next update ;__;
February 9th, 2009
Poor Diji ;_; Pity, I like Kitty too much @w@
Ahhh<3 New banner is beautiful~ Djibril is so lovely @w@
My, my. Look at those advanced CG-ing skills. Welcome back, Kiwifie <3
Love your picture of Shy @w@
January 22nd, 2009
Oh mai :3 I love Nodoka-san in every single page she shows up <3<3<3 Such Godly art @.@
Interesting <3 I'm definitely looking into joining :3
I originally had her created for another collab, but then.... yeah. xD I wanted to put a teacher into our plot too. She'll probably turn the school over with her teaching xD

Name: Lucy-sensei
Age: ??? (Students who ask will get a creative answer every time.)
Gender: Female (appears female, but if she is somehow found to be the opposite, it wouldn't be much of a surprise.)
Power: Nothing really. She just teaches.
Background/Personality: She is an unknown entity. Also, no one knows what her ears look like, because she always keeps it covered with something, or just with her hands (probably because her ears would most likely give away her background?). Also, even though she is listed in the school as "English teacher", she teaches non sense and W.T.F in her class that not a single student ever gets. Or bothers getting. She gives easy marks, but when her students write something that makes SENSE on her tests or quizzes, she fails them.
LOL they're all so cute xD lol Mammon at the front lines?? No wai~ And that epic pose xDDD He will have his ways of 'defeating' the girls one-by-one... >.>

Lol it looks like Avaddon is going to fight with a cup of teaaa~ xDDD That made me crack up.

... yeah I can srsly do better. I just got rushed is all... OTL sorry for the single colored-ness.

Two more down, two more to go~ =D Anyone offer to do the last two gals before I take them again?
Sorry for the inactiveness, people... OTL I feel so bad. Anyway, this is all I gotta say. Can't say I'm not upset at the fact that the collab is starting to die on me already.... ppl plz come back @__@|||

I hope this will get some attention, and the next thing I might do is PM you guys, I guess... orz
Oh gosh xD Chinese people think in Chinese, American people think in English, and I now know how nerdy people think too lololol it's with a complicated, deductive language~

Sexy use of screen tones here even though it's your first time =D I love his straight face, it's sexy~
Lol, the dude fell off the bed.
Not exactly the most presentable page, and I'm probably never TOUCHING screentones again in my life. EVAR.
LOL! "Just avoid eye contact." So meaaan! xD

He's incredibly cute, awesome use of tones here.
Good job =D So cute~
In almost every picture we see Avaddon pushing up his glasses? lololol

@Luci-chan: =D Noticed. I'm actually working on one... but there's so many girls that it's a lot of work @w@@w@@w@||| But please look forward to it =DDD
Pure awesomeness @w@ I see a bright future already~ xD lol I'm crazy aren't I.