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Did you know...?

This comic was posted at the new Assembly Required website a week ago? Not to mention, other comics have been posted that are not yet uploaded to this Smackjeeves website.

Don't forget to head over to the new site, for more comics!
Credit given where credit is due: I have to thank a facebook post by Kelly Hall (fiance` of fellow cartoonist Dustin Louquet of "Baron VonDeuche's House of Pancakes" She was the one going "fishing" with preschoolers, and my warped mind immediately wanted to ask if they worked as bait any better than nightcrawlers.
Way Out There is actually the very first comic I ever drew back when I was in middle school. I had a few one-panel comics in mind that just wouldn't work out for A.R. and decided to bring back the old strip for the occasional filler art piece. A.R. is slated to return this month. Rejoice people! Rejoice!
Lol, how in the hell's a guy supposed to interpret that? "I hope to God I never teach you again, but you were one of my brighter students?" Talk about your contradictions, lol.
And the Slugger makes the tackle! Ooh, that's gotta hurt!
Fight! Fight! Fight! Seriously, this guy deserves everything he gets and more... It looks like that might be Patrick's silhouette If so, racist boy is going down... Poor ol' Patrick hasn't been having the best of nights. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Christo throw a swing, either.
Ah the age old question: rock out or brawl? After all, rock is cool, but violence can just be damn entertaining!