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I recently underwent surgery to have my spleen removed, and have a second awesome gland installed.
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Holy corn!

if you start actually updating again, I'll finally be able to promote A.R. on my site!
This may be the greatest name for a webcomic in the history of history... and that alot of history! FAV'd
This... is the GREATEST comic ever. EV. VER!
I thought the field of punishment looked rather nice, until I saw the unhappy face on the sign... :P
I wish I had a wheel for a foot...
This strip is obviously fictitious, being that EVERYBODY likes the Ramones. Even if they think they don't.
I always called it "Raver scabies"
I give
This comic definitely makes you FAV worthy.
Just in time for me to find it and FAV it...
review please!
You'll be my bestest friend!
Side effects of eating hippies may include feeling of euphoria, addiction, and impaired judgement.
This is quite possibly the greatest thing since the history of history.
You get sparkle points for this one.
The yo-yo. Most ridiculous weapon ever created. Props.
how long does it take to draw up a page? All the little details...
I agree. I like the determined, unibrow look as it is.
December 10th, 2008
hehehe... who ya gonna call?
This is quite possibly the most amazing idea for a comic I've ever seen! I dig your art, too.
I have to agree with Charlie... Well done, and sparkle points!