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aww....poor boy.. *hugs*
Oh my. >^< You just gave me a new fav-song ^^ And they're so awesome *grins*
Awsomeee Han är skitsöt =D
Ya draw 'im again, then?

And I'm so sorry (not) for pointing it out. -.-
Gill drawn at Tegaki;
Hon är på väg in i tavlan.
Hur gjorde du tatueringen?
And p2.
Fallv and Lilith.
She don't seem to know her own language properly, Lili.
Yea, the guy on the last page of the comic (page 17) is Gill, a crazy serial-killer that I designed for just one page. And then I drew this.
Project done on less than 12, without counting away sleep and eating and stuff.
What the-?
He's so friggin cute~<3
Why's Billy's hat walking around? *raises eyebrow* Oh well.
Lilith (redhead) scares the shit outta Bill, Fallv and Hijn.
While Billy screams at the top of his lungs in shock, Hijn falls down from the bench he's laying on, and Fallv're ready to fight. And all three go extremly pale in their hairs. -.-
July 7th, 2009
Sorry for the huge size.^^;
Last part in the "Tyrol-arc".
Billy, you're an idiot (with short memory?)
And a little color^U^
Billy're a bit of overreacting, but that's how he is.
And Hijn's talking funny, I think. =3
Page two, in the short "Tyrol-arc"
Mad Hijn's hair's standing everywhere.
So, first officiall page; starring Hijn and Billy.^^
He's so cute^^ 500 years..? 0.0 is he that old? Sure doesn't look like it.. -.-