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About me. Weeeeeelllllllllllll....


That about sums it up.
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I was going to use Clonious's idea (which I though was awesome btw) only going on a camping trip...but i tried making my own RV and crap then my computer went screwy and froze! I lost all my work (T~T) Anyone know where RV and campsite sprites may be????
Well I know the full version does but im not so sure about the demo thing...
The tablet? Of course! (only like, most of it!)
2 clonious
No not really :/

2 Lugbzurg
Well I hav a drawing tablet that looks like this (only slightly older)
and I use a really cool program called artrage

...But you'll need alot of money first. ('-_-) Both of these were gifts to my mom from my dad but shes to busy to use them so now they're mine >:3

If your really enjoying it check out
For those of you who haven't read the news,(which probably none of you did...) My internet has been taken away because I'm not doing to good in school...

BUT I got sick and my awesome dad felt bad for me because I had nothing to do so he gave it back! *(^o^)*

In the meantime(whenever that is) I've been working on my artwork :D
Figures right? Mai bros r excited...IM NOT!!! >_<

Is it not obvious how much i love cats???
They should be in ur mailbox :3
@ Lugbzurg
you gave it a 5? I feel special :3

You really think that its that good? Its just a quick sketch of mine ;D

now I wont be the one to blame for a no show :3 I recently recovered from being sick xP
lol nice

And there's no rug either!
Just wondering....
Does anyone ever read the news? You should!
I was to lazy to draw them :P

Besides, bunnies are seasonal :D
Shadow got new rocket shoes and Tails got parts for the Tornado
Awesome :D I love the way u draw!

...but do you think u could add a little color?
I know its a little late, but better then never! I haven't updated because i was somewhere over the break.

I love Artrage! It makes drawing on the computer so much easier!