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Wow your style looks very nice!! <3 I have Manga Studio as well but Idk how to use it x.x;;;
You can go ahead if you like, twilightstarr, then BK can go next and Akira can post their pages up if they still planning to >.<
Yaaay I finally got this page up >.< I did it entirely in digital for a change. Hope you all like it~ :3
Go ahead xD We'll work around it~
Waahh! D: You posted a comic page! I actually completely forgot to do a page ;^; and I'm flat out busy the next two days, but on Monday, I'll totally drag Fluffy and the other girl into the cafeteria to meet up with BK XD since they were planning on going there anyway yaaaaay!

Love the little fishes you drew in the cafeteria XDDD
Heya! If you two don't mind, I 'm totally up to doing the next page :D I'm going to work on it right away~ *inspirationnz~*
Sorry it took so long guys =3=
Sorry it's been so long! I'm planning on finishing this up.
EDIT: It's currently 2.16AM but once I wake up after a sleep, I plan on churning out more pages!
I miss drawing here too. If anyone is still interested, should we continue it again? :)
January 15th, 2013
Hopefully this clears things up...
@Reiu Shanra:
This comic was started in 2009 - almost 4 years ago. Hence the god-awful horrible art. But you can't deny that I have improved steadily over time - look at the first chapter, then take a glance at the most recent chapter.

As for the rape thing, I was naive back then, I'd read a couple of bad yaoi comics that used rape as a plot device for romance so I thought, "Okay, this sounds great. I should do this, too except make it funny." It was insensitive and it was only between then and now, I was raped and realized that it was not a laughing matter at all. I can't even look at the pages without fighting the urge to throw up and going into a cold sweat. The amount of troll comments screaming at me over the whole rape issue hasn't helped either. If I could re-do the comic, and I possibly might for publishing, I would omit the rape scene.

As for religion, I'm not religious either but I've had a Christian best friend in my childhood (we're still friends now), she's read this comic and finds it absolutely hilarious. Again, it comes down to the person. There's been several other religious people who found it funny, others not so much. Which is perfectly okay! I know people are going to be offended, that's going to be a given, regarding the topics and such.

I happen to like yaoi, and yes, I thought it'd be a cool idea to make a comic about God and Satan. There's also a side story with punk version of Buddha having sex with a Chinese dragon if that tickles your fancy. That has sadism/masochism interwined into it.

Basically what I'm saying is I made the comic up along the way, and yes, as I made more pages, I guess I felt the need to grasp at more controversial topics. Why? Because I can. I want to shock people - grab their attention - good and bad.

I'm considering writing this story over again, possibly for publishing purposes. It's thanks to you and everyone else who commented that has pushed me to review my work. I might not omit everything that offends certain people because I can't please everyone.

I hope this helps.
New year, new style
I've decided to sketch my comics, scan them in and digitally ink them. As you can see, the quality of the comic has lifted a fair bit. I'm planning on doing this process for the rest of the chapter. It's time-consuming but the overall end result is very satisfying. :) ♥
@BK_1/VGKid: Gray letters are gone! >:3
Hey guys
Just thought I oughta let you guys all know, that God's Story has gained enough popularity to be featured on BWW (Bad Webcomic Wiki)

There has been floods of comments about how I take light of 'rape' and such back in Chapter 2 and let me make something clear, I don't care what you think of my story, art, or how my characters are constructed.

Words and a page directed at how 'awful' my comic is, isn't going to bring me down, specially when such people have nothing better to do than troll around.

So throw all the words you want. It's not going to stop me from finishing this comic. It's not going to ruin anything, so keep it up. My comic keeps getting more hits that way :)


PS: I should have a new page up sometime today, or Tuesday.
OMGZ!!!! PLOT!!!
Sorry I didn't do a page for so long. *hoping to get back into a more consistent update*
I'm gonna laugh if people figure out the reference :D

EDIT: If you've seen the current season of Vampire Diaries or are gonna comment ANYTHING spoilerific about TVD - PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! :(
Hey, sorry I haven't been updating. I've gotten myself inspired by changing the pace of the story.
D: aww darn Tohbe! D:< making you feel embarassed and awkward!
Awww, ashiteru as well, Otto-san! ♥♥