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+ Occupation: College student.
-major: Computer Animation Programing.
+ a Rabid rper in:
-'Polaris Online' & 'Poseidon Academy'.
+ an official Helper at RO.
+ interests/hobbies in: yuri, drawing, yaoi, reading, hot guys, Asian food, yaoi, writing (novels, fanfics, poems, eta.), hot chicks, cooking, yaoi, kitting (and other gay crafts >///>). .....oh! and did I mention yaoi.
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So what is this story even about???
was the cross a seal too keep the monster in her? is the monster something that escaped from the cross when it was broken?
LOL and he did your daddy goood
yep! that cop is gay. LOL XD
heheee <3 *is squished*
hmmmmmmmmm...... have you considered that, OH i don't know. He's not in love with his brother... all because his bro loves him doesn't mean that he's gonna lay back and be happy with someone he has no romantic love for.

frack family drama.... he's entitled to be happy as well.
just jump him and get it over with!!!

even if this is........ ........ I really like the updates. because I'm clueless on what is going to happen.

maybe Jacob will pass out from all that blushing he's doing. (he's getting ... "over heated")
enjoying the view Val.
being nakid has it's disadvantages.
for some reason I sense that he's gonna shoot his own foot.

or maybe that's just some creepy voice in my head going "shoot your foot!" "shoot your foot!" "shoot your foot!" "shoot your foot!" "shoot your foot!" "shoot your foot!" "shoot your foot!" "shoot your foot!" that voice is very creepy....... wonder what or who he did shoot.
it's a joke.... yes?

herz can't have boobies NOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
awkward indeeeeeeeed teee hee~<3
lol...... pear-toash XD

anyway.... that sucks..... TAT evil mac (unless it really is a pearintosh)
LOL niiiiiiiiiiice just throw it out without a second thought XD
OMG!!!! that was goooooooood. I seriously jumped out of my seat when that happened.
*keeps looking behind her* Okay heart calm down..... it's not logical.
But that was VEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRY good. get a person into the tale then have this happen.
.....why do I have a feeling that the hands in the last panel belong to Keani.

just watch there's some godly rule or something. you took his virginity, you have to make it right (stupid brother)mate for life. Or probably that he made his choice... and so is stuck with it.
I wanna say it's Alexander. It's the blue haired one I know that.

anyway! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah paaaaaaaartay started!!!!!!!!!
David..... why do you always have to have something bad happen to you~</3
Arel..... you fail majorly as a ninja

just found this comic and I'm already at the last updated page *pooooouts*

*snort* it's the parents....there gonna have fuuuun seeing two non-humans there XDD
hehe! Desta doesn't seem too pleaaaased with David's idea XD