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Let's get a couple things straight right now.

1: despite what it seems like, I really don't like people

2: I don't care what people think of me

3: when people think of me, the first color they think of is black.....T3T

4: Not good at at spriting yet so if you have any RUDE comments that aren't in any way constructive criticism or some comment that would help me improve or ideas to make it better, you can take those comments and shove it up your~

5: Friends:

6: i dunno, i just wanted to make it to six for no reason whatsoever.

get it? got it? good.
Now stop reading my description u stalker!!
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can someone please explain to me why there are two Bast's now? O.O
augh i've been meaning to! I've had a page done and everything but my damn computer decided to fail on me and my harddrive's busted >_> idk when its gettign fixed. SORRY
How do a dragon and a hedgehog make a baby.... :o
Lol its funny cuz shes a hypocrite :D
I barely comment on this but great work :D

And that butler is my new favorite friend :3
Never liked Minako D: I always thougth she was a spoiled little brat/whore (depending on the comic)
I do like this comic still tho :D
I like this style on your other comic, the Shadowborn Pariah, but i think in this one the previous style works better. But that's just my opinion :) great work btw
It's Master Bigstar :D (or bigster XD)
didn't ur twin do a similar thing like this with squish? XD
Let me guess...thats' candy's mom? :D hahaha
As you can see, my friends and i are rlly rlly dirty
And open about shit XD
we've had conversations like this going up till like 2-3 AM but im not going to horrify u guys with anything else cuz it gets worse :P
Now to clarify some things, this is trevor HAVERKAMP. (We just call him haverkamp) he is my bi friend :D (the other trevor is trevor E and hes gay).
And the dildo pen is a joke i have this pen that i got from Taiwan that looks EXACTLY like a dildo and has multiple colors that u can use. So its been a running joke among us about it.

And all of this is complete joking :P we dont mean most of this.
It sez bad image source :o
hmm i kinda miss ur old artwork :o
but i still love this comic nonethess :)
image source not available!
Leet's get one thing straight
me and my friends make BUNCH of racist, religion, and sex jokes. Especially pertaining to mormons. Though we have lots of mormon friends.
If this bugs you, i suggest you stop reading now.
honestly, we arent' against anything, we just think some stuff is stupid and make fun of it.
now i dont want a bunch of shit at the bottom screaming at me for being racist and i can go to hell.
Cuz A, it's all in the name of fun.
B, I'm already going to hell according to most religions :P Atheist here
I'd prefer to keep my pants too
uuugh i promise my art will get better cuz this sucks :P these r also old drawings
This is Zach mai bestest bestest friend and boyfriend
Also known as "The Mistress" for some unknown reason or Zachy to me
This was something stupid we did at lunch. I was really high or something today (PMS much?)
Neways it turned otu to be a funny story
because my life is psycho and demented, i figured i'd share it all with you people :D enjoy
meh I'll help if u want. just send me an invite lol I have maple story sprites