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Ug, I need to update this thing more offen! I dropped New Divide right now, and i'm working on FOX TAILS! Fox tails is about a fox name Kuroku Nomiko, and his little brother Kenzo Nomiko. It also has Kuro's mate Mimiko Yuuyu, and Dmitrious Ruine!
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    Kenzo kurama
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Kenzo Numiko
@Yammi Hiroshi: .... Neve said you loved me.. you just LOVE my REACTION to what your doing to me..
@samanthasdog1231: I am glade you are loving my torment!!! -is so enjoying it too- Mahahahaha
@YaoiGirl09: -:- KENZO -:- Yes, Legal Drug, If i was illegal, Yammi would have his ass in jail YEARS ago... -grins- Anyhow, His hair is covering up the rest of the words DRUG. He also has a tatoo on his back, and a mashroom on his left side of his lower stomchic, a Rose vine up his right arm. XP
Justa little fan serivce for those who have been checking out fox tails these days! please tell me what you think! Just a little future view of what is to come for FoxTails!

Yammi is such a sexy beast! Hehe. And thank you for the 28 loyal fans that have fav'ed FoxTails!

Kenzo aka Swkarasu
@Yammi: Kenzo: Woudl I really be A FOX TAIL, with out the evil monsterious fox himself? I am afaird not! -clings- thank you roguerz for letting me use Yammi, I'm gladei 'm doing a good job with him.
@samanthasdog1231: Because Yammi enjoys seeing blood, he has a trill for pain, he loves when they beg, is is just how yammi is. It is about to stop here soon.. those pants are going to fall!
@samanthasdog1231: Oh it is about to get WAY WORSE!!! yammi likes to torture... this is only the beginning!
hey the crow here again! Another page update! please enjoy! Oh god, i love yammi!
@samanthasdog1231: Yammi loves the corruption of Kenzo! he loves the path Kenzo is going down, He is slowly becoming the lead Drug dealer and crime lord in world they live in. Those seeds are dangerous, adn yammi is a plant spirit as well. So he knows.. but he doesn't give a fuck, so Kenzo so asked the WRONG fox to stab him, because Yammi finds complete pleasure in causing pain. The more afaird you are, the more pain you feel, the more Yammi gets off x.x Yammi has issues!
Hey!!! I finally updated! please enjoy! got to love Yammi, Kenzo did ask for it?
sorry, alot of shit hit the fan, and problems, but here is the new page of foxtails! I love the expresson on Yammi's face! It is priceless!! that Shock of. Your really going to let me cut wholes in your body?
ANGEL IS A SLUT!!!! .... yes i threw a female character into the mix! I hope you all like it!
-pant pant- finally... done!!
Sorry I'm late... like ... two days late, had someone fall and break their arm! -glares- Anyhow... here is the new page of Foxtails... FINALLY up!
SORRY FOR THE WAIT! here is page 1 of chapter 2!!! XP I hope you enjoy! poor demi, he is shaking in his boots!
had to reupload this page! I messed up and forgot to insert Demi's Scar! this is Demi and Micheal Wishing all the fans of FOX TAILS HAPPY ST PATRICK"S DAY!
FOX TAILS IS MOVING ALONG!!!! Chapter two starts next week!!


I will be hopefully saling my art at Izumi con this year. If I can get chapter Three done by Nov. I will be saling all three chapters along with Fan service Comic that shows what Kuro and Mimi where doing while kenzo was tormenting Demi, adn what Kenzo did to Demi when we faded to black... Rolling joints... are we sure that is all that happened?


anyhow! Enjoy!
Hey! ComIC UP DATE A DAY EARLIER! Sorry, I have had this page done all this week, just didn't want to update it until now! This is a double page update! Please check out the next page after this one! PLEASE THANK YOU! COMMENT AND RATE PLEASE!!!

MAHAHHAHAHAHA FOX TAILS IS UPDATED!!! I hope you all enjoy! Updates are going to happen every sunday, if not i will state that in the comic before hand. Only way it won't be updated is if i don't have net or at a Con! Anyhow! please enjoy this page! XP

Demi is soo fucked!