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I love playing video-games. My favorite characters are Ratchet from ratchet and Clank OOM-9 from starwars, Mario, and Master Chief.
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lol he just got pwned
wow pwned he should have seen that coming
this is a great comic but i think its dead now...
whered u get these sprites!! i love that game mario RPG.
whens the next update i love this comic!!
acctullay there is a place called wookiepedia its some starwars search engine
i have wario ware for the wii and i recognise that guy
people i don't update much because of i go to my moms for a week and my dads for a week and i am back at my moms so i can do some updates one today or tommorow
Hey Noah! haven't seen you in a while! oh yeah and by the way irvin thanks for the avi.
Kirby will be added soon in the comic