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true mercha
yes im fucking 15, get over it

well, i still win 95% of E-fights i start

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    yo momma
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actually i just was trying to fuck him over at some point

but i just left before that

hi guys

last comment in this site
nothing much

been toying around with mugen even more lately

also, wanna do a "team meeting" collab comic thinky :P
true mercha
November 3rd, 2009
some of the normal things
thank god

i cant stand you
people's elbow

or something
ohai guys

WWE sucks btw
stop being a dickhead, seriously

and stop sucking on mods dicks to hide the fact that were being just as much of a "troll" as we were

im fucking tired of you thinking that everything you say is right

i hope you dick falls off you no good nazi whores wrong gone abortion

thats all you get

for now
lol lucario, shittiest pokemon ever
too bad spiderman would have been seen as a demon

and toki is still kung fu jesus darnit
im not, im just commenting to piss you off :V
using religion as a plot device is kinda damn stupid thog

and damnit, toki is kung fu jesus
spider man tought he was bad.
he was messing with my girlfriend.
he was kissing my girlfriend with the bedroom door closed.
i oped the door and beat up spiderman with a rubber hose.


i whipped spidermans ass
i whipped spidermans ass
i whipped spidermans ass
i whipped spidermans ass

*more humming*

RIP Weasly Willis 2003
its funny how this comic is constructed of recolours and yet the creators think its good
sonic sucks and mario is overrated


you are not a good recolour