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I'm a professional comic artist and illustrator specialising in the Anime/Manga style. My first graphic novel was Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (SelfMadeHero). I've won awards from the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) 2008 for Romeo and Juliet ; Winner in Tokyopop's UK Rising Stars of Manga competition (2005/06) and Winner in NEO Magazine's 2005 Manga Competition. I designed the Catgirl mascot for Wacom-Europe's Manga campaign. My artwork features prominently in the British movie, Popcorn (2007). I contributed to Comic Book Tattoo (Image Comics), Tales inspired by the musician Tori Amos. I was Lead Artist for Draw Manga by Sweatdrop Studios. My works with Sweatdrop include Once Upon a Time..., Cyborg Butterfly and Satan's Amazon; and the anthologies Sugardrops, Pink is for Girls and Drop Dead Monstrous.

Currently I'm working with Infinite Ideas on the Manga Life series of self-help comics, the first titles being Find True Love and Be Creative. I'm the artist for Aya.Takeo, a full-colour comic published weekly online from April 2007-2010.
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Apologies for the delay in uploading this strip, around Christmas was when my tendonitis totally kicked off and compounded by other art deadlines I had to give my wrist a rest whenever possible. It's not back to being perfect yet, but it's a lot better than it was in January/February when I had to be on painkillers everyday!

But here you go, picking up where we left off, Sophie shops in the kids dept because of her small stature, and because the cutest, frilliest things tend to only be for young girls. I still buy hair accessories from the children's sections sometimes to fit with my loli wardrobe XD
Apologies for not updating for the last couple of weeks, as you can imagine life goes a little crazy around Christmas, particularly now that I have a baby and all XD Back to normal service after the holidays!
So sorry for the delay - my son was ill last week so I had to take him away from nursery which meant no time for me to work at all (T_T)

Anyway, THIS STRIP. I DO THIS. I purposely take my 3DS with me everywhere just so I get Streetpasses. Even my local Tesco has 2-3 people I pick up sometimes XD
You know when you go shopping with a group of friends and it takes forever because the trolley is being pulled into all directions? Yeah, I got more into the habit of commandeering the trolley so that I could get shit done. I shop FAST.
Sorry that this is late and that I missed a strip last week - I've been ill with flu for the past two weeks (T_T) But here it is, the girls cosplaying Dragon's Crown. If you want to see the full sized version, here it is on deviantArt:

Will get another strip up shortly!
And back to normal service! Sorry for the crazy disruption in work schedule, but the reason is because I had been working on a Manga campaign for Toyota (
Speaking of driving, the girls fight over what's on the radio. I listen to a lot of stuff and different statios (mostly Radio 1, Classic FM, Absolute Radio x whatever variation/era I feel like), but I notably tell my friends that if I start regularly listening to BBC Radio 2, shoot me now! Just kidding, it's a perfectly good station, I just don't want to seem like I'm getting old fashioned XD
And the lovely Keziah makes up our set of four ladies in super detailed painting style :) My crazy work is over, so normal service will now resume! I hope you've liked looking at these splash images though! I am planning an amazing Halloween art this year which is FujoFujo! related :)
Sorry again for this, but you only have to wait until next Tuesday now, my crazy work project is finally (mostly) over! So here is some art of Sophie, and I'll upload an extra one of Keziah over the weekend to complete the set before the next strip.
This crazy work project is almost coming to an end, so here is one more mini break from regular service, some splash art of Yuen :)

I hope to put up another strip next week!
I've got some crazy work deadlines at the moment and juggling that with looking after my toddler is not good, but I'm not going to leave you empty handed.

Here is some lovely pin up artwork of Simone! Feel free to ask questions about method of colouring, etc.

I hope to resume normal service by the 14th October at the latest, apologies for the disruption!
September 24th, 2014
So sorry for the delay on this strip, the past two weeks were really hectic for me, I will make it up to you by uploading some pretty artworks for you to enjoy before next Tuesday XD

So, what happens when they go out and do something normal? Bad things, that's what, and they haven't even started yet.
September 9th, 2014
Do you ever get the feeling that you're weird? These days, I know I'm weird, but I just do my own thing and not indulge too much in fangirling unless it's in front of friends.

I mean, of course we all obsess over things, but Simone is a perfectly nice young woman who is sweet and polite and well-read and likes normal things like Great British Bake Off or Strictly Come Dancing, but only in moderation. AND IT DRIVES THE OTHERS NUTS. They are usually the weirdest of the weird in mainstream society, but to them, Simone is weird in how normal she is.

I guess it's all about the company we keep XD
Urgh, I can't tell you how uncomfortable some shota and loli manga can be. I mean, I know it's fantasy, but personally, I prefer it to reflect real life levels of maturity i.e. the younger the characters, the more platonic. 12 upwards can have more exploration (as in real life teenage experiences) and ALWAYS consensual. I do think it's funny when the younger character is the aggressive one though!
Bara is not as well known a term as Yaoi, but it certainly has it's own distinct flavour. BEEFY. If you're a Yaoi fan but find the pretty boys too pretty, why not give Bara a try? Barazoku was originally a magazine that specialised in this MANLY MEN Yaoi. I dip into it for research on different body type portrayal. Honestly...? XD
(And BONUS POINTS for you if you get the Slayers reference)
A few people don't realise that Yaoi is predominantly made by women and read by women. It doesn't make sense at first, but when you think about it - it's like seeing a hetero relationship, but it is slightly removed from you if you're a woman so you feel less threatened when dark sexy seme makes his moves on uke? Yet you emphathise with the uke so you see his POV? And of course, the pretty boys to look at, the better?

I think? XD I dunno really.
I admit, I had a lot of fun drawing the stereotypical Seme and Uke XD Ahahaha SQUEAL LITTLE SPARKLY PINK HAIRED UKE
LOL, I remember back in the day when Shounen Ai first came to the UK and all the girls were going crazy for it and professing to be total fangirls, calling it Yaoi.

But Yaoi is actually the crazy sexual variant of the lot, not the sweet boy romances they meant... so it was always a bit awkward when an over-excited young Western girl would talk about her newly discovered love of Yaoi in front of a Japanese Manga fan. It has a different meaning!

Seriously though, if you've been reading from the start, you knew I was going to get into this!

First off, at least go to Wikipedia and read about Yaoi if you aren't sure what it is: Manga aimed at women which focus on graphic homosexual relationships between males. Yaoi should not be confused with Shounen Ai comics, which are usually less explicit. Or Shota, which have very young male characters. Or Bara, which caters more to gay male audiences.

Like all comics, some are great and some are not so great XD Yuen just loves it all and Keziah is very dismissive of them.

Don't worry, this comic won't show graphic imagery, but they will talk about it :P
I juggle a few games at a time if they are very different from each other (i.e. Picross, Dragon's Crown and Animal Crossing, all very different and played for different reasons and suiting different moods).

What I will confess to is, where possible, I am hundred-percent completionist. Spyro the Dragon 1-3 = EVERY LAST GEM. GOT THEM. I will take my time over games.

My husband on the hand just... finishes them. Like, doesn't matter if his score is a bit shit, or if he left loads of stuff out. Just gets the job done. AAAARGH CAN'T DEAL
I am terrible when it comes to playing videogames competitively, because I take it REALLY SERIOUSLY. So if playing with others, I can only really play co-op games (Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star, Crystal Chronicles, etc). But even then, I can get really shouty if one of us messes up XD That said, I swear, my friends and I must be among the very, very few who actually completed Zelda Four Swords in actual four player mode... that game totally encourages you to be awful to your co-players...