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University student from the UK, interested in a variety of nerdy things here and there.

I've no active comics on here anymore but feel free to see my DeviantArt page for more of my recent and better art.
Hats are 10% more efficient when stacked.
That's no's an unfolding Death Star playset complete with miniature Millenium Falcon, Tatooine diorama and enough firepower to destroy an entire afternoon's worth of work.
Oh man I can relate to this...Somewhere I've still got all my action fleet ships and it'll be a distracting day should they have to be moved!
November 26th, 2010
I'd probably have to resort to throwing my shoe at them.

Darn pesky off-screen enemies get me every time...
Truly he was a great man...
It was the non-fibrous Chrysotile variety, so we were alright.

As long as I don't hammer it and breathe the dust all will be well.
Looking pretty Hawt

On a related note in the fire teeth saga, we found some mineral form asbestos in rocks on our Cyprus field trip. Which is disconcerting...So silky smooth but so deadly. I uh took a bit home...
I love how you can take a very obscure reference or event and, well, make it awesome!
What unwholesome, incomprehensible ancient beings lurking in the abyssal voids of another dimension (and with pepperoni for eyes) have you unleashed upon us?!

This ranks as one of my faves so far Mr Spain!
If only you had fire teeth, then everything would be alright!
With my course equipment means I can turn into a builder in five seconds flat by donning a high vis jacket and a hard hat! You could walk onto a construction site and no-one would ever know. (Well if it wasn't for the "everyone loves G-man" scrawled on the sides with a marker pen. field trip camaraderie ftw!)

Now if only I had a party to go to...
A great adaptation! Even knowing what the ending would be, there's still was a definite chill when I reached the last page...
Good to see this back in business!
Third time unlucky!

Haha I just love the silliness of this one! XD
Haha, oh Mr Spain your antics are one of the few things that keep me on smackjeeves still. Awesome work!
Great issue, I'm really liking the writing in the last few months worth of comics!

Well in the grand scheme of things it wasn't that early but in terms of students being route marched up hills a lot in the days prior...yeah we were a bit tired!
Wow, I highly approve of your interest in Big O! There is but one truth!

And buh clocks going forwards screwed us up on our recent field trip, essentially meaning a 6:30am wake up o_0
Marvellous! Probably the best thing I've seen all year!
November 30th, 2008
I love this page- great expressions!
Great writing! :D