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U askin' me?
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thats better
can u start using me plz................
I liked it better genesis :(
looking at the feet, sonic?
ur getting better
July 9th, 2010
$150 JUST FOR A LOLLIPOP!?!?!?!?
kewl, though they all look like sonic...... hmmmmmm....... I wonder why....
like above, I would really like to help, but i dont have super user privilages :(
nice, also, i like the sprite withut the hood
ok, this is just a minor edit now
Excuse me, but I'm afraid I cought you, you didnt make some sprites, you recolored them, according to what I've found:
this is just a sonic recolour with the quills rotated, soz :(
these are for ms paint users, myself i use adobe fireworks
Took me 5 mins to make this so it looks crap
nice comics, faved!