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in comic 3.11 you said we all had a part right but one
is it nightmare guy is a geneticly alter shyguy crated by the docter
sneak around orcs and go get knife back
give him letter and mushrooms then go get knife
see if cost is clear, if is go get knife
go get knife
sewer zombie ?
or genicly altered shyguy
how long have you been planing that?
i think this is the first time he actuly said he loves her
its whats for dinner
i dont remember who fused with metal sonic
No it's genius they cany escape a dark chikan storm they are doomed
ahh i wanted a creig/gatemaser team up but vinne is good to
it would be cool if all the "craigs" had a team up
are there 4 left
if gate is in the final two with marius then gate will probly win
i havent been keeping track
whos alive whos dead
gate master has shown he can be evil if he wants now
bad luck
has anyone noticed that whatever team gatemaster is on loses
coincedence or bad luck player?

could he catch a pokemon fustion