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Day dreamer drawing in shojo manga style...
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I use MSpaint to letter it. I know it`s annoying, but I didn`t find a better way to do the lettering.
I am searching for Photoshop, but couldn`t find it.
March 20th, 2009
Glad to join this collab!
I vote for more characters. I think it`s better that each author had the freedom to include more characters in the story line.
I like the cute expressions...
wow! So colourful!
Really nice and original idea!
I like Andrea being white chocolate with nuts(I love white chocolate).
I hope to post soon some comics with Andrea, You`ll be surprised with his personality...
By mistake I uploaded the untranslated version! SORRY!
Yeah! really that`s very cute!I like it!
This really a lovely picture!I like their pose and expressions...Great work!
I am happy to with this collab!Till now the stuff posted by the others was really cute!yeah! I`m so excited...
Here`s my character. I am sorry for posting him so late...
His name is Andrea, he have the ability to fly, move things and shapechange.
He`s 15 years old, lime-green hair and dark green eyes.
He uses his powers mainly to make tricks on other people, espcially girls.
Shape changing into famouse idol singers or cute boys to trick girls is his fave hobby...
December 26th, 2008
last chapter
This chapter features Nour`s brother.
It`s also the last chapter published of Nour`s adventures. The censorship didn`t allow other chapters to be published(SIGH!).
Read first
This comic was published in a Libyan magazine in 2003. It must be read from right to left.