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I like anime, Reading, Writing, drawing, and gaming. So there is the description not much to it but hey...that's life and stuff. so i leave you with this piece of not so witty dialog. the kat's in my head tell me things...and now I'm bored aaaaaaaaand that is all.
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We kill the auto update cuz it gets a bi F for FAIL!!! Why God must it FAIL! Totally not the creators fault....Sorry the auto update is such a spastic thing that needs to die!!! ~,~
Aww poor Zoshi he's sad cuz she thinks so little of him....He obviously likes her...Poor poor Zoshi!! If I could
I would save you!!!!
waits in suspense..."What happens next? what happens next? i wanna know." jumps up and down like a child and pouts.
LOL OMG! Bwahahahahahahahaha....He looks a little nervous or embarrassed..or dare i say it regret filled..oo is he going to kidnap her?
umm correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't jack the one who caused the instability in the wall which hit him in the head to begin with????@,@ just like a man to blame the woman for his own stupidity!!LOL and go girl him who's boss!! kick those shins...
I loled and awwwed at the smooch....It's just so cute......teehee
well I have mixed feelings about this page. On one hand I'm all whooohoo ya she got a back bone and on the other hand I'm all like poor Zoshi but then again I think he prefers her this way...hehehe the feistier the better right? ;) wink wink. Keep up the good work!!
Hahaha! I LOLED! Zoshi looks cute. nuff said.
Ooooooo. The suspense it be killing me!!! AND for some reason i feel like laughing like a maniacally. LMAO! I love the art too. makes my heart go pitter patter when ever i see there has been an update! WEEEEEEEE!
*Jumps up and down like a giddy child hearing a really exciting story* What next!? What next?! *Tail twitches wildly back and forth in excitement.*
Aww did I mention last time that he looked sad. I also agree with the Guest, He knows somethings up. poor guy. I would never run from him...teehee. but then again I am a little insane!
Aww sorry to hear about the job hope you find another one with all speed and efficiency. Oh and awww he looks sad. *Would like to take a stick and beat her then disguise my self as her and take her place.* Poor poor Zoshi so unappreciated. Rawer and stuff!! Snarl and Grumph.
OMG! That's so adorably sweet! teehee.... awwwww! I love first post I think..weee yay!
I love the way you do Jacks eye's...Absolutely drooling and fawning over him................Even if he is a psychopathic killer....TeeHee!!
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! posties.......i luffs the he's all tough guy and stuff...if he had a furry chest it would be all puffed up with pride and arrogance...i love it...hehehehehe..
keep up the good work...i love thsi comic!
oooooo I just knew he was going to be evil...and whoot more plot advancement..yay! he looks adorably annoyed in the last panel..tee hee

Merry Christmas!!
it seams kinda sinister......i wonder if its going to be all grovely then turn traitor.......wonderful comic i love it.
LOL wonderful. hehehe...Something is catching...Bwahahahahaha, but I wonder who is the one doing the can never really tell can you..Can't wait to read more.
OMG I just found this comic today and I already love it!!!! LMAO I couldn't stop laughing at the antics and stuff. keep up the good work!