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I'm a pro procrastinator
some of you might know me from DA or tegakie, hello there if you do lol
please excuse my weird humor sometimes
English isn't my mother language so I might make some grammar mistakes, I hope you could point them out in my comic if you see one, I would really appreciate it! :)

that's all for now, nice to meet you!

@Manga-Ka & @neonmalice: ah and thank you guys for still keeping up with this//

@Sherlock-Holmes: really, I should be the or thanking you guys for still keeping up with this, thank you so much ;///;

@TheVarietyJar: I'm sorry for taking such a long time to update orz and you're very welcome!
yep as I said, a two page update!
I'm still compensating yepyep /HIT

once again, thank you for reading aaaaa//////
pg.22 up!

thank you for reading, everyone Q//v//Q
2 page update to compensate for my slow updates in the last couple of months ahahah orz
next page will be up next week, I might add more than 1 but we'll see ◜◒◝ )

I'm sorry for the slight inconsistency in the page quality;; I've been going back and forth between traditional and digital inking, but I'll probably continue them traditionally from now on since the lines look more bold and I kinda like it more that way ;o;

thank you so much for keeping up with this///////
I'll try updating weekly again, let's hope school won't get in the way ahahah-- /HIT

thank you for reading *O*/
@hiruda: omg no my traditional lines are pretty messy but aaahh thank you so much hiruda///// lol I got most of mine from QvQ//

@TheVarietyJar: he's just desperate I'm sorry he's an idiot lol
@FireBorg: lmao he's gonna regret his decision in the end probably *Q*
@syranead: daedae sobb but I'm too lazy to ^Q^ /HIT JKJK ONLY IF YOU IPDATE MORE TOO <O><O>
@Black Legacy: ah thank you so much I'm really happy to know that you think so/// thank you for reading!
@hika: ..........hika what are you doing here /PUNTS YOU AWAY/ amg so embarrassed mang;;; and aaa thank you so much;; eventhough my traditional inking is really messy and hnng I'm glad to know that you like the characters sobb//////

@Kiri Kitsune: ah thank you so much//// <3
I'm really really sorry for the delay "ORZ

and thank you for reading//
@Clouds.Of.Rabbits lmao having a stalker is a thrill in his part *q* /HIT
@Zero-I ahahah yep sorry for the delay, trying to catch up since it's summer break// lolol he's pretty much an idiot to be excited over that ahhaha
@FireBorg hahah probably~
@Shiuze aww thank you/////
@smackjeevesninja (guest) I'm really sorry for my inactivity;; I had so many things to do in the past few months orz but I'll still do my best to keep on working on this whenever I'm free-- hopefully my summer break would let me be more productive/// thank you so much, it really means a lot to me to know that you're interested in reading this ;//o//;
2 pages in a day yepyep, next page will be uploaded next week

thanks for reading!
sorry if it's.. sloppy;; it's been a while since I last inked traditionally, I'm trying to get used to it again ;3;

thank you for reading! *O*/
@aries-W (guest) thank you so much! oh I love natsume yuujinchou *u* but lol hopefully the only similarity would be the theme orz

@UverD lmao ah and I'm sorry for the very slow updates QvQ I get distracted too easily by many things /HIT but I'll keep doing my best, thank you ;u;//

@Shiuze thank you so much <33

@Dew I use photoshop CS3 8) and thank you so much <3
@ayanechan ah thank you, I'll do my best to frequently update this *O*

@Socially Awkward Bunny yes happy new year, hope 2012 will be a great year eehehh ////// and thank you so much <3 \o/
I don't think I've said it here and it might be little late but-- I guess it's better to be rather late than never so I'll just say it////

happy new year 2012 guys \o/
uwaahhhh I finally caught up with your webcomic asdhjasbh//////
it's so amazing so far I can't wait to see what happens next *O* *patiently waits for the next pages*
and GDI your drawing style and coloring is gorgeous <33
@Jigz_Miscreation oh eheh no you're actually quite correct, that will be explained later in the story though A7Ab

@enjelicious aaa yes happy new year to you too *o*// I hope 2012 will be a great year for all of us////
lmao I enjoy making weird faces shushhh /HIT

@guest oops I'm sorry, that might be my fault for being slow ahaha ;v;/
but really, thank you for taking your time to reread though///

@WolfyBliss awww thank you so much I'm so happy to hear that, really Q///o///Q <333
you should give it a try whenever you have a chance! I'm sure yours would turn out great <3
oh and as for the font I usually use 'wild words', I use photoshop for my pages OvOb
ah I didn't get to say it exactly on the day but--
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
New Years is getting closer, time flies by so fast *7*

well have a great day guys and as always, thanks for reading!
@Ramyun ghasdgsad that really means a lot to me thank you so much ;o; <3

@somesweaar e-eh wahhh thank you so much Q/////Q

@FireBorg thank you so much fireborg! ////
hmm I see, thank you for the suggestion since I was actually trying to make up for all the lack of updates I've been doing by shoving the whole stuff lol but yes you do have a point there lol \o/ thank you for taking the time to write what you think, it helps me a lot!

@Helidou oh lol you think so? well then ok I'll think about it, maybe once in a while I will put more than a page in a week///

@enjelicious & @unhskikr4ever yes it's her eheh *O*

@guest hjsavdjhsadb lol wah thank you lmao I'll try my best to keep updating this eventhough I might be a little slow///

@Falling Sky ahahah yepp!

@Kawaii_tenshi lol what tenshibby I'm surprised that you're still reading this but ahhh you don't know how happy I am to know that//// sagvdghas you do? sobb thanks bby I've been trying to overuse the screentones now and try to add more black, hope it kinda helps? sobb I'll probably still be experimenting for a while though///
ah I see! thanks for the suggestion tenshiiii///// <33

@Shiuze ahhh thank you so much *///O///*
@FireBorg LMAO OH YOU ahaha//// but yes I might suddenly disappear for some time but I'll appear again once in a full moon to update sahdabhj sorry for being slow QoQ
and thank you \o/

@Manga-Ka thank you so much! I'll do my best to finish the next pages and stop slacking lol /HIT

@somesweaar ahahaha yess, sorry for being extremely slow orz

@Lumnili ahh I really should apologize for the slow updates but thank you much for faving/// and aww I'm really to happy to know that you like it, thank you///<3

@enjelicious & @unhskikr4ever ahahaha yess sobb sorry for being so slow ;o;

@RomeosCinderella LOL OH YOU///// but thank you! you don't know how happy I am to know that you enjoyed it///