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I like art.
I am a girl.
that's all you need to know
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Great page.
You know what's wierd?
I got introduced to Doctor who recently as well. ( And, well, you know me, I got hooked as soon as he said "bowties are cool." )
LOL The 4rth wall just begs to be broken.
LOL Yay secret agent pets!
YOu do it to!? I do it all the time!
We should form a forgetfulness club...
wait, what were we talking about? ;)
Death by Caterpie. XD
Oh teh noes!
I adore the name Vladamir Grimmsplatter,btw. XD
George is just the most adorable little thing.
Let me get a scanner on his Civilization levels...
IT'S OVER 9000!
LOL "Like france"
So, Slough would be something like, say, our New Jersey? *shudder*
XD that explains so much.
I LOVE that movie and that song. :) LOL I love Gwen, the Spider with no sense of personal space. XD
LOL This explains a lot.
The last falling citizens comment would be quite similar to mine if such an occurring were to happen to me.
I love it when people use the Hero's journey! now we can Watch special level become an insta-classic next to Beowulf now ;)
XD Funny!
Bet he finished urinating quick fast and in a hurry after that. XD
It's good to be king. Winston is great.
Loving the crazy eyes on the creepy wizard dude.
LOL That's cute!
Heck yeah!