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Yeah. I am Ian. >_>

Anyway, been in webcomic game for a few years, but technically, I was out of it for most of that. Finally stopped using MS Paint after switching to Inkscape, so yay for me!

Yep. That's my description. :^D
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November 30th, 2008
My Future
Yeah. Animal Crossing: City Folk should come in the mail tomorrow, as I got the $40 Amazon Black Friday bundle deal. I do have a test Tuesday, essay due Wednesday, and a final Friday, but I can make time for it. >_>
A Doctor Visit
I did this for another webcomic I tried to make, but alas, it didn't last. lol

Anyway, here is my first full vector comic made in Inkscape using vector models. :^D
Home Movies
This comic spawned when me and Jesse were talking on MSN and he said we should both make a comic, so we could update. As I haven't made one in a WHILE, I decided to try it and ended up with this. :^D

And for the sake of it making sense, I guess the camera is MASSIVE. >_> May change the third panel later.
EDIT: I may tweak the last panel some eventually. I wanted him to be falling, but I don't think I got it down right. :^S
They are located at the bottom right now. Will probably make more visible buttons for them here in a bit.
August 18th, 2008
This is another one from Jessee, my current co-author. Decided to go ahead and release it since I don't have it in the Guest Art section anymore. Next comic will be my newest one.
Unused comics
This is a comic my current co-author made for Ctrl. I originally had it in the Guest Art section, but decided to release it before I start updating again. I am going to release all the comics I currently have not released, mine(which i don't think I have any more older ones) and others.
Jump Rope
Yeah. I cannot draw a train too well, even in just black with no actual detail!! AHH!!!

Anyway, the third person in the three long panels is known as Mr. J. I haven't used him in a comic yet, but at the time of making this, and the time of me typing this, he was the third and last model I had done, not counting Zombie Baby. And if you don't know, the third wide panel is based on the Atari game, Pitfall! Ah....I wasn't even born when it came out, but trust me, I was first in line when it came out. >_> And as far as the "You Spoony Bard" phrase Guy says while being eaten.....yeah....been playing Final Fantasy IV DS lately and wanted to put some sort of video game quote in there that was decent...and that was the first that popped into my head.

And yes....the train goes Beep Beep. I couldn't figure out a good sound for it, so Beep Beep will do!

And I didn't put a background in this one for a few reasons:
1. Didn't want to use more time on the comic.
2. Seemed to work better without one since two of the wide panels are background-less also.

I will use backgrounds in the other comics tho, so yeah.

And I need to thank Sonic-ock and Afrohawkman from the Smack Jeeves forum for the ideas for things to jump over. Thanks! :^D

And I will say one thing....the look of this comic has changed DRAMATICALLY since the first comic. >_>

EDIT: Decided to come up with a new name for the Zombie Babies. They will now be called....Ziibies(pronounced Z-bees)! Nothing came up in a google search, so yea, Ziibies they will be called. >_>
the Ninja's Assault Story Line
This was the first comic made for the Ninja's Assault. It was a premonition of things to come. The story was as follows:

It was going to start with Kyle finding a note in the house him and Guy lived it. The note said, "You have dishonored the clan by not following the ways of the ninja. For this, we have sought you down for you termination." For this reason, Kyle decided to pack up and leave before Guy woke up, so nobody innocent would get involved.

Kyle thus made his way back to his clan's temple so he could speak with the master there and try and reason with him. On his way, he gets attacked by many different ninjas, each with a different special trait, whether it be speed, arrows, magic, etc. The first one that attacks him is just a ninja-in-training, which turns out to be his little brother, which is what the premonition was about. After killing his brother and burying him, Kyle snaps and decides to not speak with the Master, but to take him out for good.

He eventually makes his way to the temple located in a remote location, fighting seven other ninja along the way, all of them being a friend, relative, or rival. after making it up to the top, he faces his biggest fight yet...his father. During the fight, the master ninja ends up sneaking behind and getting rid of Kyle's father himself, due to him being inpatient. Thus the fight between Kyle and the Master starts.

After their fight, Kyle emerges victorious and removes the mask of the master only to find out that he is actually himself, but much older. Turns out that they used magic to create a copy of the master (a clone basically) so that when the current master died, he would technically never be gone. Using this method, the same "person" has been the head master for generations. After finding out this secret, Kyle can't seem to concentrate on anything. He snaps and figures that since he really isn't a person, he has nothing to live for, but nothing to lose either. Figuring this out, he decides to rid the world of every person so they could feel the pain of having everything ripped away from them just as he had.

Thus that would have started a new comic where Kyle starts killing everyone, but Guy runs into him and narrowly escapes death thanks to Slug Man pulling him away. Then, Guy, Slug Man, and Secret Op Jello would embark on an adventure to track Kyle back down and get rid of him before he kills anymore.

....And that was the storyline this comic would have had, but it was WAY to in depth for me. >_> I still may do, but again, most likely won't.
Silent Threat
I am not going to say what the enemy in this chapter would have been since I still may finish it, but I had a good sized story line made for Slug that's why I still may do it.

....Probably not.
Flying Almond Arc
This is the second part of the Almond arc. I may finish it using the vector models, but that is EXTREMELY unlikely.

Anyway, part one can be found below:
Test Panel
The models are going to be tweaked every now and then, so they aren't final. I put this up so I could get ideas on how to actually do the text boxes and stuff. It seemed to come out TOO gray, and that will be fixed, but if you see anything else that needs changing, comment.

EDIT: Went ahead and fixed the text box background. The gray color was bugging the hell out of. -_-
Intermission #2- A Monster
Yeah. I know there are stuff in the background in Panel 4, but I kinda like it. I don't want this comic to be one of those Lego "everything is perfect" comics. I like some flaws.

Anyway, that is a monster that the special effects guy is working with. Looks like he can't control it too well. <_<
Comic 7.1
Not exactly the best dialogue ever, but I made this one without thinking out the appropriate dialogue. I will do that, along with checking after each picture to see if it's blurry, so that the comics will get better. :^D
Thank you. :^D
Is Pete Ok?
Here is the first comic using a newer program. The look seems to be a lot cleaner.

Well, Pete is now dead. Sadly. CURSE YOU, TIMMY!! Anyway, I wonder who the new team member will be. >_>
Pete's Goodbye
Again, the quality of the pics is what I get for rushing these pics a couple weeks ago. -_-

Anyway, Pete decided to go to rehab in comic 4.2, and was just about to leave when Timmy accidentally knocked him off to a really, REALLY painful fall. What is Pete's fate after his fall? Find out in comic 6.
Pete's Decision
Ugh.....I hate that the pics are blurry. Sorry. I got photo crazy when I started this comic and took 4 comics worth of pictures in about a night or so. I am not doing it again. I am going to take pictures one at a time now and checking to make sure that they aren't blurry. You should see clearer comics by about Comic #6 or so. :^D
Camera Crew?
I think I may just go back to doing comics without the darker look to them. I kinda like them better. >_>

Anyway, yeah. That's a camera crew. Why are they there? What purpose do they have? Not saying. Just make up your own conclusions for now.

And if you noticed, that is Pete talking to a stranger in the background. Who is the stranger? We may find out eventually.

Also, if you don't like the way the text is put on there, give me ideas on how to do it. I am still tweaking a bit and did that for a cleaner, easier to do look.
Pete.....Oh Pete...
Pete's mouth movements....and tongue, didn't turn out as well as I wanted, but eh, oh well.

So far, every comic has involved Pete in someway, so Comic #4 will reflect on the part of his past that led to his drinking problem.