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The end is near ;.;
So gonna buy it next sunday!!
Will there be a chance of meeting you?(Maybe even getting a signature? *.*)
When will Volume 3 be out? Will I be able to buy it during LMB?
Always wondered what happened to those two after the jump.

Btw: It was great meeting you at LMB.
I'm starting to get the feeling that this cat isn't just a normal cat....she seems to really like Kane.
Can't wait so see if my suspicion is right
What happened to them??? Did the center go after them after Kae and Inori jumped of the cliff???
@Risu: At least the German Amazon. I think it's easier for me to get it since I am German.
Funny thing....I preodered the second volume yesterday on Amazon XD. Can't wait to finally read it!!
Wouldn't it be nice if he saw Kae sniffing his sheets and realises that he wants to be near Inori?! *.*
Aaaaaand in walks Inori XD
Just got my Perk from the fundraiser!!! <3 Thank you sooooo much I really enjoyed it!
You can't really blame Kakyu for hating Kae...he has his reasons. Even though Kae doesn't deserve this treatment.
OMG he's screaming her name *.* That man truely likes you damn woman now turn arround!!!!
"I'm not that flexible" I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Soupize means's just the little one can't really pronounce it yet ;)
Oh my god this page is just beautiful!!!
Awwwwwww...I love Kae. He's just adorable even though he really thoughened up since we first met him. *Hugs Kae* Good boy. <3

Edit: FIRST!!
Love it!!!!!!
Muahahahaha I got it *hugs her precious copy of TEN*
You'll get there Itzack just wait a few more years XD Love this page!!!
well they're basically all cousins so in this times i guess that was a normal thing to do
second panel!!!! I love it XD itzak really is a patient one ;)