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A-hey there! I'm Dregan, but you can call me Dregan. I'm here because... w-well because I'm bad at doing more important things with my life.

Still, yeah, I run a li'l old comic called Bar'd here, which currently has over 400 pages! Expected it to upload relatively consistent for a few months at a time, then I'll vanish for a couple of years, then do some more consistent uploads. It's sorta my operating schedule.

If you ever wanna hit me up about anything, you can find me on Discord at Dregan#6479
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Y'know, I was really curious to see how she lost her sight. I feel I can safely say, I did not quite predict this.
Enjoying the comic so far! I shall throw your link around a li'l, see if I can draw you a li'l more attention! Not enough fun classic sprite comics around atm.
@Spekkal_X2: I am now stuck with the image of Baf stood with a door stuck to his horns.

@spark th: The only person who can help Blader is Blader. And Blader is bad at helping people.

@GhostX: That defo sounds OOC for Blader I should know I've known his creator for years.

@Syogren: RIP Blader; He Bought It Upon Himself.

@BouFox: Why thank you stranger! And welcome to finally here!
Can I just reiterate how I feel the best part of everything happening right now is just Blader's face and expressions?
Also the answer to that question is probably 'yes', Blader.
Also the answer to your next question is probably 'no', Blader.
Also the answer to the question after that is 'Why would you ASK that?'
Ooh, sweet! I came across the profile for this comic a li'l bit back, thought I'd fave it as I was curious to see it start!
Just got back from holiday, and see that it's not underway - looking forward to it!
I feel in panel 4 that someone is not quite as down with this plan as everyone else.
Who just got back from holiday and has less than 10 minutes to get this page up?

Well luckily enough, here the page is, on time!
...Unless I take too long to write the author comment, which is entirely feasible!
...It's definitely gonna be late on the forums I have to format the posts for them.
...Also I still need to post last week's pages too.

Blader continues to be incredibly fun to write. And also all the credit in the world to Spekkal on his expressions which are great so far (and continue to get better lol spoilers).
Once more, if you'd like to see more of the guy, he has his own comic here;
It's update schedule so far seems to be 'one hour before Bar'd', so give it a look for your double dose of the most charismatic kind heroic individual this world has ever seen and/or needed.

Also, last thing, just want to encourage you guys to throw some more commands! Only had one last time, and one command ain't gonna make do for much progress!
Even if it's just small things like 'Look at this' or 'Pick this up' or 'Go to this place' can help give me give you guys a lot more to do! So post whatever comes to mind!
Yeah that's probably not important or anything let's move on.

I'm just gonna throw it out there now, if it wasn't obvious. I like writing Blader. I like writing Blader A LOT.
He's just a lot of fun. I apologise in advance.

Oh, oh, also! Just as pre-warning, this particular page is going up on Smackjeeves whilst I'm on holiday! Spek and myself be off spending the week together, so unfortunately that means that the pages won't be getting posted around elsewhere 'til next week. Sorry!
Still I mean, I'm primarily apologising to all the people who can't see it. And everyone who can see this message... well, evidently can see the page too.
It'll be fiiiiine.
@ForteTh: Go for it dude! Could definitely do with some new cameos, and may make for a cool call-back to the Forte appearance of ages past!
@ForteTh: Somehow you managed to comment on the page in the exact moment between me posting the previous message and my page loading. That's like mili-seconds of precision. Good job.
Though seriously, welcome back! I hope the comic still holds up for you!
@TheJGamer: I mean, he's not actively threatening people, so I GUESS that's happy for Dejero?

@Spekkal_X2: Dejero x Vas is the true ship.

@GhostX: Yes. This is also a thing I remember. What with being the author of the comic. I remember everything I wrote. I'm competent.

@The Magnificent Z: If Shelia's known for anything it's her people skills.

@Syogren: Every day Dejero thinks about that cage. Every. Day.
I can't wait for the issue where an entire gang approaches Blader, all gently sprinkling holy water in his general direction and praising the name of Jesus.
Sometimes, when problems from the past rear their heads, you just have to let them go.
Sometimes, you have to let them go directly into the air, at high velocities.

Introducing Blader! Eagle-eyed viewers may recognise him from this old page, albeit with a somewhat different spite;
He's actually... probably one of the earliest volunteered cameos for Bar'd. Like, he was first submitted around 9 years ago so... let it be known I do get around to all my submitted cameos! Eventually! 8D
If people are interested in seeing more of this fellow... well, obviously there's more to come with him here, but you can also check out his own comic series over here;
It actually updated today, so make sure to chick-a-check-it-out!
@Whip the Rabbit: "We can fix everything apart from your miserably love life" is obviously the new planned slogan.

@Spekkal_X2: W-well then I'm assigning you to my legal department, so you have to sort out the mess. D:

@TheJGamer: Smoke inhalation. It gets the best of all of us.

@Electrisa: It's how she would've wanted to go.

@Beth: ...Alright, I'll grant you that.

@Remmis!: Listen, he's not very good at traps. He tries bless him. He tries.
Ohey, look, it's this happy chappy! As a kind and supportive boss and friend, he's evidently super supportive of Shelia and Vas' relationship.
Nothing is wrong.
Everything is fine.

Oh also, just a reminder to all y'all! Previous cameo list has been removed/refreshed/gotten rid of essentially. I'm in need of some brand spanking new up-to-date cameos - so if anyone has anyone they're wanting to send in, we're still lookin'!
Holy shit this again.
In future, please ensure your Emoji Movie fan characters are lore-friendly.
Thank you.
@Whip the Rabbit: Zankh gonna replace her sword with Boa's arm. Slap people. Showcase dominance.

@Spekkal_X2: Putting that hammer and nails to good use. They have a lot of IKEA furniture down there.

@Shard: I resemble that remark. (Albeit, a reminder that Caek was by your own command!)

@TheJGamer: A motherfucking Boa that certainly is!

@Remmis!: Aaah, I'm sure Whip can carry you everywhere, it'll be fiiiine.

@The Magnificent Z: Well, the Jackhammer is a devestating attack.

@Blissfully_Anonymous: Well that username brings up all sorts of questions and curiosities.
404; Culprit Not Found

G-get it? Because it's Page 404, a-and-
I stole Spekkal's joke.

But hey look! The CYOA's now underway! Generally speaking, for commands, I'll go with the majority - if a few people want essentially the same thing, I'll paraphrase the command and go with that. If there doesn't seem to be a general leaning in any particular direction, I'll go with whatever I feel makes most sense, either for progress ooor for the character.

(Oh, and lastly as a sidenote - the final panel is referencing this old page if anyone's unsure!
Yeah, apparently these first few pages back after 400 are all about referencing things which happened 200 or so pages ago.)
Yeeesss, Echo.
Echo is a good.
More Echo pls.