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A-hey there! I'm Dregan, but you can call me Dregan. I'm here because... w-well because I'm bad at doing more important things with my life.

Still, yeah, I run a li'l old comic called Bar'd here, which currently has over 400 pages! Expected it to upload relatively consistent for a few months at a time, then I'll vanish for a couple of years, then do some more consistent uploads. It's sorta my operating schedule.

If you ever wanna hit me up about anything, you can find me on Discord at Dregan#6479
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October 14th, 2018
@TheJGamer: Oh believe me, Grey's had to put up with more Karma than anyone could hope to.

@GhostX: Aaah now, I wouldn't play my hand so early. But don't you worry! Things will certainly be dramatic.

@Electrisa: Don't worry, he's about to spend a wonderful evening with Ernest.

@Spekkal_X2: Basically from now on the perspective will follow exclusively Grey and Ernest.
October 14th, 2018
Don't worry Ernest. One day, Grey will fall for your wilesome charms.
One day that robot will be yours.
One day.
@Spekkal_X2: Thanks again. c:

@TheJGamer: Pisceus is on sale at all local Leafy Branches. 8D

@Electrisa: Deep down, I feel everyone wants to be a fish.
October 7th, 2018
Note: Grey's opinions on pouring alcohol directly into your fuel tanks are his own. Grey does not represent all robots.
...Also wow, callback to something over 300 pages ago I guess?
...Why I would encourage people to look at those older pages I don't know.

Still, hey look, Grey's here! 'Cause someone's gotta provide cheer and good vibes to this party!
September 30th, 2018
@TheJGamer: Ernest is evidently skilled in the arts of seduction.

@1337F0X: Ahaha, now would I be that predictable? ;D ...Feel free to not answer that.

@Electrisa: He wears it well.


In which two of the lesser-used drinks in Bar'd get some more time to shine! Echo and Ernest seem happy with the results!

I wanna throw a HUGE thank you to Spekkal on this particular page! One for the general work she does on the comic putting it together and adding her wonderful expressions, and Two because this page in general was a pain in the neck! A lot of work was put into making and remaking panels, sorta trying to get characters to line up correctly so things line up correctly, playing around with the positions of the bottles, all that. Biiig credit and thank you to her on that, and for her continued work!
September 23rd, 2018
Oh hey look! They're making friends. 8D
September 15th, 2018
She's trying, she really is.
Nailed it.
Good job everyone.
September 2nd, 2018
...Yeah I trust this guy. Completely sober, scientific, and good with directions.
And you know what they always say;
Three wrongs don't make a left.
@Electrisa @Remmis! @Spekkal_X2
Well, we'll be taking a small break from Blader for now. But FEAR NOT! FOR IN TIME, EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE SHALL RETURN!

@Salimus: Hey now. Dejero tries his best.
August 25th, 2018
It's a terrifying world out there. Someone needs to defend the giant cyborgs of the world from all the puppies and daffodils out there. BUT WHO WILL HEED THE CALL?

Also welcome to the one CYOA segment where literally everyone who commanded essentially asked for the same core thing. COMMENT SECTION UNITE.

The owner of this particular character runs a comic;
It's a cute drawn Pokeyman comic with Eevees and yeah! GO READ IT!
@Spekkal_X2: I will buy you a small pedestal.

@Beth: A small pedestal.

@TheJGamer: All credit on the expressions goes to Spekkal! Whilst I do all the writing/plotting, and add text and effects to the pages, the primary visual portion of the page is created by Spek!
Though they do look wonderful.

@Remmis!: He has other redeeming qualities! Like... er... making other people look better!

@Electrisa: Cool he's moved in now the sofa is his and so is the TV.

@Sonic11/Momo: Oh yeah! It vanishes for a few years at a time, and then always inevitably returns. ;D
Glad you're enjoying it though!

@Whap~: Well... he needs to know where they live first. ;D
You're doing it Blader! You're winning them over!
Just look at their delighted faces!
This time, you've got a house for sure!

Also also also-!
So a li'l while back, when I started back here, I was like 'Hey point me in the direction of some fun li'l sprite comics for me to read!'
The response was, uh, underwhelming. In that I didn't get a response. Welp.
So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and went a-hunting for myself! And whilst I didn't come across much, I did come across this particular comic;
It's very new, a li'l upstart by the name of 'Virtue Complex'! It's like... three pages in so far, but it's looking to be a fun li'l romp. So make sure to check it out, and give it some early love and support!
Y'know, I was really curious to see how she lost her sight. I feel I can safely say, I did not quite predict this.
Enjoying the comic so far! I shall throw your link around a li'l, see if I can draw you a li'l more attention! Not enough fun classic sprite comics around atm.
@Spekkal_X2: I am now stuck with the image of Baf stood with a door stuck to his horns.

@spark th: The only person who can help Blader is Blader. And Blader is bad at helping people.

@GhostX: That defo sounds OOC for Blader I should know I've known his creator for years.

@Syogren: RIP Blader; He Bought It Upon Himself.

@BouFox: Why thank you stranger! And welcome to finally here!
Can I just reiterate how I feel the best part of everything happening right now is just Blader's face and expressions?
Also the answer to that question is probably 'yes', Blader.
Also the answer to your next question is probably 'no', Blader.
Also the answer to the question after that is 'Why would you ASK that?'
Ooh, sweet! I came across the profile for this comic a li'l bit back, thought I'd fave it as I was curious to see it start!
Just got back from holiday, and see that it's not underway - looking forward to it!
I feel in panel 4 that someone is not quite as down with this plan as everyone else.
Who just got back from holiday and has less than 10 minutes to get this page up?

Well luckily enough, here the page is, on time!
...Unless I take too long to write the author comment, which is entirely feasible!
...It's definitely gonna be late on the forums I have to format the posts for them.
...Also I still need to post last week's pages too.

Blader continues to be incredibly fun to write. And also all the credit in the world to Spekkal on his expressions which are great so far (and continue to get better lol spoilers).
Once more, if you'd like to see more of the guy, he has his own comic here;
It's update schedule so far seems to be 'one hour before Bar'd', so give it a look for your double dose of the most charismatic kind heroic individual this world has ever seen and/or needed.

Also, last thing, just want to encourage you guys to throw some more commands! Only had one last time, and one command ain't gonna make do for much progress!
Even if it's just small things like 'Look at this' or 'Pick this up' or 'Go to this place' can help give me give you guys a lot more to do! So post whatever comes to mind!