So I've just noticed people are being like, redirected to here when people are accrediting me for stuff. Maybe I should have something more substantial here than a jab at Spekkal about how I never update my profile.
Hallo! ...?
I do camicks? Sometimes? I think?
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@spark th; Setting buildings on fire is a national pass-time and don't you deny it.

@Whep; Nah Shelia just needs to look harder.

@Electrisa; Number of squeaks is how I measure the resultant quality of my work.

@Spekkal_X2; This time I'm aiming for 5 years.

@The Magnificent Z; When shut up your face. (Although admittedly am actually rather excited for 500. Even if 400 isn't done yet.)
"By 'something huge' I mean the coffee pot. It's gone everywhere. I need someone to clean this up. It's a real mess I tell yah."
@Marioismyman: Nailed it.
Dammit MiMM, how am I meant to know if that's their mum or their dad if they don't have ludicrous eyelashes or a big moustache? Or BOTH?
Full author comment will be made once all three parts are uploaded. Here's the comic so far;
Part 1; http://i.imgur.com/3PrgAvg.png
Part 2; http://i.imgur.com/frm2ld5.png

New Bar'd Cover Bonus; http://i.imgur.com/JTyYl2H.png

Part 3 will ideally be up next week! It's not 100% done yet, but pretty close, should be able to finish it up by then. Albeit, it doesn't ENTIRELY rely on me... Still, gonna remain optimistic on next Tuesday being the final part!
"And one was a beast in the shape of a man."

A beast like a bat you mean?
I'd recognise those ancient greek temples anywhere.
Needs more dialogue. More words.
What Jobs are available in this one? 'Cause if Chilli Knight isn't a class, I ain't buying it.
Aaah, Venus, you beacon of positivity.

Good to see this back!
@Spekkal_X2: Wow what are you doing here you stalker.

As for the comic itself... yeah, that guy's dead forever.
I will say, may want to experiment a bit more with how you portray the phase ability - not fully clear what's going on in that second panel. Also maybe look into using some motion lines? Might add more a sense of movement to the scenes.
Goddamit Claud. You done gone fucked it up. Fuckin' Claud. Who autocorrect keeps trying to call Claudia.
Considering we can see the standing sign does have the 'NGO' on it, I'm just gonna run on the assumption that there was a disagreement/confusion at the branding meeting, resulting in 'KUM'.
Oh my god this comic is like, the most anime thing I've ever read.
I love it!
Thumbs up!
December 10th, 2016
Wow dude, keep your robot pets under control back there.
I mean, no, yeah, he's pretty on the money with that one.
December 10th, 2016
Stylin' that new 'ear over face' look I hear all the kids raging about. You fashion idle, you.
This doesn't update, don't lie to me Neroe.
November 15th, 2016
Also, throwing it out there, Elec's great. Just like... her dialogue in panel 3 is perfect.
(Also still really like that run-sprite for Zankh)
Maybe Virus should just Magic Missile his problems away.