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Don't mind me, I'm mostly a lurker.
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D'awwww! What a sweet page! *melts*
Poor Dake! I feel his pain. -_-

People always misspell or mispronounce my given name too - I've resorted to using a nickname for everything but work, I've given up on correcting people.
Oh god, do not want rape. D:

It is the most frustrating thing in the world that most yaoi fangirls think "no" means "yes" when it's between to men - enough to even make jokes about how many times you have to say "no" for it to count.

Do not listen to their crazy! It's nice having a great comic with a m/m pairing that doesn't involve rape. D:
Welllll, it's a good thing kissing and hugging is a perfectly normal, non-weird thing then! *inno*
Is the confusion over knowing the game?

It's a card game called 'Spoons':

It's wicked fun. We always played with the spoons in an adjoining room.
Troy's face is classic in this, I love it! He looks curious and frustrated, and delicious! <3

And happy year anniversary!
Awww, he looks tired and worried! D:
It's most certainly not a waste of your time - but you've got to do what makes you happy! If the comic isn't doing anything but frustrating you, it's time to make a change. I would vote not stopping completely (*puppy dog eyes*), but perhaps taking a small vacation or adjusting the update schedule.

I agree with the above commentators - you should consider publishing this, it's absolutely gorgeous!

Whatever you decide to do - just don't stop writing and drawing. You've got a gift!
Wow - I think this has been the toughest category. Every single one of these has a very beautiful, unique style.
@eishiya Thank you for letting us know!
Last panel is so full of win. :D

Also, yay on the publisher being ready to go! Looks great, can't wait to see more stuff!
Absolutely lovely - I love this!
Gorgeous rendition of Hestia!

He needs a hug! A REAL, NICE hug Tommy. *stares*

Edit - Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous last panel.
So sweet! Another amazing comic! I can't wait to read Rain of Flowers!
So sweet!

Love the new website layout. Very spiff!
Eeee! So adorable! ^_^
Lovely as always! I absolutely love the panel with the feet, that's such an awesome small detail. ^_^

He cooks like me! <3