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Probably Anna too...
They might find it after it started to smell, though. Except I have a really amusing visual of some random person tripping over it and wondering what this invisible squishy thing is.
I'mma...kill you...
I love you random minion!
He's trying to use telekinesis to get the mistletoe away.
I'm confused...
For Once, the GUY'S Foot Pops!
Kinny, why'd you take your glasses off? Don't you want to see what happens next? Or were you planning to trade with Computer? XD

Also, @sega-tendo-com2.0: WHOO!!! RVB FOREVER!!!
I'm tearing up. This was a really emotional arc.
I think she used a pair of scissors. And then Anna tried to use the scissors to carve out Susan, which is where she (they?) got the scar.
And she's a liar too.

I don't like Kevin all that much, but he doesn't deserve this. No one deserves this.
*shiver* *shudder* *run away screaming*
I'm really thankful for that straitjacket now.
There she is. Hi Suzy. How's that straitjacket?
That little liar. Though technically nothing's wrong with her brain. Nothing in the usual, semi-curable sense.

I was thinking about a possible meeting between Kinesis and Suzy, then I decided I really didn't want to go there.
I'm in the Cackle Corner, but I'm too busy trying to get over how the two webcomics exist within the same fictional universe to cackle. It's just way too cool. And brings up a lot of questions.
There's no way Kinny killed his brother. Unless his brother was the landlord, in which case there's no way he didn't.
I like that filter though. He should patent it before Windows sees it.
Is that normal?
For Computer to suddenly command them to dance?
Mercurial much?
Computer, Kinny's a supervillain. He's going to kill people. And don't pretend you weren't mad the minion threatened Alice!
Now she just needs a supervillainess name...
Fruitcake rocks. Especially fruitcake that melts people.

I wonder how much of his sister's other food is deadly?