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Sorry. But parents make the rules.
The black oval is a where I had a really random drawing. My brother and I were being idiots and so I drew a cat/octopus/dog/dragon.
I'm Back
My hand's feeling better now.
I drew this last night for no reason, I know they're both my characters, it's not like I'm making a pair. This was just for fun.
So it goes with this collab. Kid this is a BL collab, it's full of gays.
Maybe. I don't know. I tend to forget things.
Hm... Hit the wall a couple of times.
Name: LuLu Saku
Age: 16
Gender: Female
S.O: gay
Occupation: Student
Personality: Random, wild, out-going, and happy all the time.
Other: She loves it when things don't match.

P.S. This is my first time in a yuri collab. And I suck at drawing girls.
I know the collab just started, but I can't draw right now. Blame my idiotic moments.
He'd get along with Gerard. Eh, I think.
Wait no. Gerard is taller than him.
Bro our characters won't like each other.
I'd have one of my characters hug him, but that would make them both out of character. :/

But I like it.
I don't know how to draw something for Gerard now. Oo

It's good though.
God that's awesome.
I feel bad for him now.
Wait... Then again not really since what he did to my Mightyena. Lol.
Only when HE doesn't get what he wants.

And thanks iceimpress, and iNeko.
Haha thanks.
I was inspired by someone I know.
I wanted to have two characters. One a seme and one an uke. Plus total opposites. I hope you like him.