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I mostly like art, I hope to get into it as career but that's harder than it seems.
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    Michael David
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Vaguely inspired by true-ish event-type situations.
If you get the joke then you should definitely keep reading this comic.
Silly Bob
January 24th, 2011
This is the most amazing new comic I've seen in quite a while. So simply but beautifully executed and it's got charm and character for miles. What an adorable little duck.
Sorry folks, I had some personal issues and couldn't keep up with the comic, I may start up again but I'm not sure, keep an eye out just in case.
Sorry the comic is late, apparently my computer didn't like Smackjeeves earlier today.
This is one of those ones, whee there's something about it I really like, but I can't figure out what. And yes I know there's a typo in the title.
So sorry about Friday, I've been real scatter brained lately. in the coming weeks I wll be doing a special set of comics in between regular daily comic schedule, I will be introducing you to my very own character Norman Redbank: Private Dick, don't worry it still is a sprite comic, the only difference is that they're sprites I made for my own game. It'll probably start updating on a Saturday, I'll make sure to warn you before it actually starts.
Nothin' big to say today, here's the comic, also don't forget to go check out my new website here to check out the progress on my all new graphical adventure game "The Totem of Souls"
Thanks a bunch Irby, glad you enjoy it.
Okay, I may have watched office space recently.

While I'm at it I want to plug mmy new site, and sort of show you what I spent last week working on. So if you're interested go check out Jeopardy Games ( )
I actually loved Dawson's Creek, but My girlfriend made fun of me the other night when I said I wanted to buy it on DVD.
Is there even a joke in here? I can't even tell right now.

Sorry for the SUPER late comic, I've been telling myself ALL DAY "Kefka's computer is broken, you have to do a comic today" and I just kept forgetting.
You'll find that my goal is almost never the big laugh, I think just smiling is enough.
WOW, Smeagol, just WOW!

Awesome page guys.
Sorry for the late, I got busy doing something and completely forgot.
Yeah, I'm a pretty big fan of the fish.
I realised after I got it all put together, he's actually not as much of a jerk as I had intended him to be.
I was wondering what was going on, I had LAN party on saturday, and didn't get around to hooking my computer back up until a few hours ago, and then the internet wasn't working properly, so I couldn't read your comment.
I wish I could fly. How cool would that be, you could get away from just about anything, you get arrested and the cops have you on the side f the road, and all of a sudden "UP UP AND AWAY!" and they can't find you anymore.
It's Wednesday Kefka.