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airman was the easiest level i done and i did it yesterday
need to get this on my comp so just posting it for about a day
A soon sprite sheet I will make for my upcoming comic Sonic: Alternate Dimension
should I continue
since my schools been closed cause of snow i might be able to update
hope you don't mind but i've updated the banner and put my pokemon on it
I'll post a comic as soon as i finish my sprites but it might take a while due to school
i'm a new author and are minor edit pokemon ok for your character
sounds fun but teams could be a problem when some might argue alot
@ kuroda
not true you can edit many other things on a sprite and add things on to it even if its a minor edit it still isn't a recolour
another hiatus damn
i don't know what came over me
@ you all
okay now everyone flmes about chuck norris oh happy days why don't you all stop before you get banned
November 18th, 2009
okay thanks anyway
November 18th, 2009
I've made an application but it hasn't been answered is it working
lol funny fav
@ skull
here's the request
I got bored so I made this
credit to makers and sonic kid sprites comic for hosting them
Edit: I deleted the old aces sprites for this