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A newcomer to the world of webcomics and the little universe that is smackjeeves. However not so much of a newcomer in the world of animated videos and arts stuffs!!.. I think...

Anyways, I'm faceofdoomness and I am a self-taught animator and illustrator expanding towards the world of webcomics. I mostly listen to progressive rock/ metal but I have a pretty wide-range of music excluding hip-hop, rap and country. (Music is a pretty big deal of my life so...)

So yeah that's a little about me. :B
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    Hae-Joon Lee
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That's it for today.
More pages coming up on Friday! :{D
Notice anything familiar?

Anyways, I'm gonna continue to upload the next page and that's probably it for tonight. I'm particularly proud of how this one turned out.
Well what do you know?
I am back from being absent from smackjeeves!

Ever since the whole musical and the school drowning me in work thing has finally passed and I can now update my webcomic! I deeply apologize for my lack of presence but now I am back to put an end to the EPIC ADVENTURES OF TROY and I'll continue to pose updates on Mon. Wed. and Fri.

And another bit of news, this is what I've been working on for the past two monthes or so.
Its called Afterlife MSPA where I take suggestions from people and make myself an adventure. Just like Andrew Hussie's Problem Sleuth in

Anyways, good to be back and I'll be posting more pages tonight. 2 more possibly. :B
My word, this battle is off to an epic start!

Too bad that Prank and Gouda couldn't continue with their battle. But I guess that'll be for another time.

Really like the pacing of this page. :{D
Not dead yet.
I deeply apologize for my lack of updates for the past few weeks. Life's not been very cooperative when it came to giving me some time to work on stuff that I like to work on such as my webcomics. I managed to draw some more of the Epic Adventures of Troy but I don't think I'll be posting them until I have completely finished them.

So to let you guys know that I'll be continuing this, here's a picture of a giant sunfish (otherwise known as a "Mola Mola") destroying a city. Be back real soon guys. :{D
Oh noes, an incident at the academy? (it is an academy, no?) Liking how the tone of the comic suddenly became rather serious. The cook looks rather serious in this page too. Guess she's been through many alerts in the past. I wonder what kind of tragedies await. O.O

Poor fella, being left there to be mauled by a hunter. :O
Do I dare mention our little inside joke that goes along with this song that is mentioned within this hilarious comic? I think not. :B

Nice facial expressions as well as the increasing hilarity of reactions which continue to escalate to an unfortunate end. *resurrects*
An awesome beginning to a fresh new chapter of Zom-Ben.

Love the face Munn's making while he plays his Wii. Which reminds me that I should play Wii games more often.

And now to go watch 300 again because its been ages since I've last saw it. Great page yet again. :{D
@Jokerine: D: ugh that must have sucked to have been half awake during the surgery whilst the doctor scraping around your mouth and you choking on your own blood with the annoying and ever present vacuum. Sounds like you've had a worse wisdom teeth experience than me. :O But anyways, thanks for taking my apologies and next week I'll see if I'll be able to do double updated in order to make up for last weeks updates. Thanks for the advice with the cotton swabs.

@Prank: Indeed! I'm finally getting more comfortable with the tablet which is awesome. Yeah I haven't used a straw ever since the operation but hey, I'm making a great recovery thanks to the doctor's efforts and lotsa medications. Also I have not seen 24... gotta add that one to my list of things for me to check out along with that movie called "The Big Lebowski." I'm also glad to hear you liked that one because that's my favorite one too. :{D
You may think that this comic is a piece of crap but in my honest opinion, the whole bit about the man period made me chuckle.
well if it makes you feel any better.
This comic made me laugh.

Listening to: Emmanuel by Aeon Spoke
Hahaha, ah the joys of gender related frustration and confusion...? Perhaps not but regardless this page made me laugh.

HNNNNNNG is now officially a new gender. :{D
Hahaha that's such a funny but cute exchange! Once again great use of facial expressions and very fluid conversations. So does this mean that the emergency has passed now? :O
Internet meme islands, here comes SIR BROWSER!
..could he be... GOD?! :P

Anyways, glad to see more fantasy related things being mentioned in this comic. Though I must admit the whole spellblade thing was awesome too. I can see this turning into a pretty epic fantasy quest near the end but it purely depends on how you want to continue on with this comic.
That third panel looks awesome. Really dynamic and action packed. Must have taken forever to draw it. :O
Those Olympic athletes are not human.
There is no way a person can execute those gravity defying stunts. O_O
This has been one crazy week. I started it off being sick as a dog. Couldn't do much but sleep and eat. Then had to make up all of my homework despite the rehearsals and sickness. Basically, this has been the craziest week ever and I forgot my updates yet again. Feeling guilty I thought I create a comic with my tablet to record the events of the day I got my wisdom teeth removed. (Yesterday) So here it is. Sorry guys for yet again missing the entirety of this week's updates. I'll make them up over this weekend. :{D
Gozirra wife is sad.