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Eli Neko-Chan
if you want to know me better ask me! ^^
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That's right cousin, I've red some comics here in smackjeeves that are about fairy tales, and about the little mermaid (merman)
so don't worry about it! ^-^
I love you even more lil kitsune!!!!
yay! update!

I liked the other style , but yep the expresion is great!

I don't want to bother
but your comic is great! you really need to update more often, well maybe once every two weeks, or once a moth!

I really missed your comic and I wanted to know mooooore!

It's soooooooo exciting!

Soooo pleeeease!

If you find some time and you have ideas continue!

And if you need ideas tell me! jajaja

Ok ok this comment is way too long...

Anyway! good luck! great comic!

so damn cute!!!!!!!!!
and I loved the last panel!!!
I'm really going to give you a BIG hug the next time I see you little cousin!
Shut up Joey!!! T.T
i'm not happy he died!!!!!!
Valentine!!!! T^T
Awww valentine was soooo cute!!!
I just LOVE scuttle!!!!
Ariel is a stalker!! jojo poor prince!
little kitsune your evil you know XD!!!!
I already know what's going to happen but I can't wait to read the comic sooooooo pleeeease continue like this!!!!
I luv ya!
Little cousiiiiiiin!!!!!!!
I finished the booooook! in 3 and half days!!!
It's my new record!!!!!
(I luv sebi!)
and what happened with valentine????????????
noooooo valentine!!!!!!!!!!!
Joey you bastard! don't you dare to pull that trigger!
that's true!!! flounder is telling the truth!
b... bu... but...! he's a man!!! ... a cute one ^^
eyes!!!!!!!! X.x
Eli Neko-Chan
December 21st, 2008
I hope is either what I'm thinking....
I just luv you dear little cousin!!!!!!!!
*big hug*
I love Valentine! but oh God!! Joey is getting interesting!
noooooooo valentine ruuuun!
i'm scared!!!!!!! noooooooooooo valentine!!!! ruuuun for your life!!!!!!!!!
Joey is evil evil!!!
and you Joey if you do something bad to valentine! I'll (censured)!!!!
*snif snif* ...valentine!...
it's joeys fault not valentines!
I just loooooveee sebastian!!! he's soooooo cute!
mmm chicken? ... maybe ... o.o