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hey everyone i'm leo!
i like to draw and sometimes i hate to draw hahahahaha
i cosplay and lose my tablet pen a lot
i'm not very cool

other account-SugarrParticles

i need to stop making collabs but they r so fun help..
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I LOVE HIM!!!! also lmao my parent's dog is named blue it is destiny
CUUUTE! love the good boy neptune <3
i should work on felix's backstory to continue yours kinda
a good boy!!!! can't wait to see! i was just thinking about doing possibly a backstory for jack ...and redesigning him again lmaoo
i made this page already but i wanted to let shadow post and not hog all the updates lmao but since it doesnt interfere with shadow's pages BOOM HERE WE GO

idk the food can be sandwiches and fries i guess can u tell i didn't actually try to make it look like food LOL
@salmonchu: AW LMAO NOOO

@Shadow Leafeon: so happy to have the babies againnnnnn Q Q
i dont even remember what animal toy Lui is supposed to be haunting...i remember shadow was like "look at this cool animal it'd be cool for reboot lui!" and i was like "cute! wow!"
kuro wins #1 deadbeat dad contest
aaaaa these look so so good ; ;
kuro would definitely say he'd kill someone and enjoy it but DEEP DOWN HE LOVES HIS BABIES even tho he doesn't realize it himself...lmaoo
@salmonchu: omg fight fight fight fight lmaooo kuro's really strong but i bet jamie is too so i'd love to see them kick each other's asses LOL

also i find it funny that just as i did this comic i found out that castlevania was added to netflix lelll
sorry for being inactive as always hhhhhhhhh

@salmonchu: of course jamie doesn't have to buy into any of kuro's ranting lmao he could totally just be like "fuk off bye bitch"
kuro is yandere...

i dont wanna talk abt how long that first panel took to fukkin draw lmao
@Shadow Leafeon: i got this really weird version of it to sort of work lmao my skype is leo tatertot
yes hello this is dog
the socks w sandals slay me
im so sad now who will i ship him with
VERY sloppy coloring ....
i was saving jack for my friend but it looks like he cant do the collab (sob) so he needs a vamp or werewolf
girl u gotta get urself out there
who wants this old man(25 lmao) writer who doesn't sleep ayyyy
neptune is NOT his son lmao just in case someone gets confused kuro's just carrying on the family meeting metaphor lmaoooo

kuro is an angry wife

i feel like neptune would go to kuro for gay boy advice bc kuro is ancient LMAO
right here
is my
pretty boy swag
pretty boy swag

kuro and leo have officially reached parent status
yess sweaterrrsss! btw guys im gonna be gone for the next week at a con so TTYL