hey everyone i'm leo!
i like to draw and sometimes i hate to draw hahahahaha
i cosplay and lose my tablet pen a lot
i'm not very cool

other account-SugarrParticles

i'm also working on a game at the moment!
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aa this is cute!!!!!
@Shadow Leafeon: i got this really weird version of it to sort of work lmao my skype is leo tatertot
yes hello this is dog
the socks w sandals slay me
im so sad now who will i ship him with
VERY sloppy coloring ....
i was saving jack for my friend but it looks like he cant do the collab (sob) so he needs a vamp or werewolf
girl u gotta get urself out there
who wants this old man(25 lmao) writer who doesn't sleep ayyyy
neptune is NOT his son lmao just in case someone gets confused kuro's just carrying on the family meeting metaphor lmaoooo

kuro is an angry wife

i feel like neptune would go to kuro for gay boy advice bc kuro is ancient LMAO
right here
is my
pretty boy swag
pretty boy swag

kuro and leo have officially reached parent status
important for assassination purposes..
@rena.b: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im so glad u like it!!! `u`
it was hard getting their heights accurate lmao i put them in order of tallest to shortest LOL

but im really happy how it turned out ; ;
yess sweaterrrsss! btw guys im gonna be gone for the next week at a con so TTYL
@CursedRabbitsFoot: glad you like!! also just wanted to let you know i'll be gone for the next week at a convention so i won't be able to post ><''
aaaa thank you so much for accepting meeee!! i love assassins and fucked up characters `q`

Name: Jude
Age: 25
Height: 5'7''
Weapon(s) of choice: sniper rifle and poison
Background: when he was really young he was in a mental hospital for hurting himself and others and he broke out and changed his name. used to be a science teacher for like a year until he killed a teacher who annoyed him.
-has chemical burns on his neck and hands
-loves pain and killing people slowly with poison
-has five ear piercings and his nipples and belly button are pierced LMAO
-very stealthy and fast but has literally zero muscles
-very accurate with a gun and can use smaller guns but he likes to see the person's face through the scope LOL
-acts kinda blank
-has a soft spot for nice children
-has zero family
he kinda reminds me of trevor from GTA and I LOVE THAT lmaoo
aaaaaaa so cute i want to pet him
LOL AW you can do ittt

hopefully she can get to the city and get some cooked meat lmao