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DERP. o u o;;

Currently Seeking - - >
Artist that likes drawing comedic cute stuff for random, 4-koma/short comics.
I feel like Jock has broken this rule quite a few times.

Love the dramatic fireplace, haha.
I have a bad feeling about this, haha.
And now Jock is going to be punished by Boss for being such a meanie.
Awwwww Jock, come on. Sanders is like the only one that likes you. Be nice to him, haha.
hnnnngh the car, the outfits, omg
This comic is amazing. I love every page.
"I am always real, Simon." Haha. She's so cute.
I sense a trap! I'm just guessing the reality is that they're moving something or doing something else perfectly innocent.
THAT SHIRT. I want it on my body.
I just started reading this around Halloween, and I have to say I love you, your art, and everything about this comic. <3
I get excited every time this comic updates.
Sanders is so supportive. He should be a life coach.
Surprised look in that last panel. (:
It's Alan! xDD I honestly have no idea.
May I just say... HELLYES.
Derek kicked him out? Hahaha.
Okay, seriously? You're way too hard on yourself. This looks great. If you quit this comic I will throw a hissy fit.