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I really like the shading style on this one.
OK, yes, I'm slacking. But I have good reasons.

A: I have a ton of homework
B: I had the flu all last week
C: I'm excedingly lazy
D: I just started playing WoW again tonight, after a 3 months absence. Anyone else play?

And yes, I'm continuing with the tradition of not giving Sigma any respect.

Anyhoo, Enjoy :)
WHEW! The comic may be gone, but you're not.... so it's a loss, but not a totally big one.
And down goes another comic that made this site.... You'll still be around leaving comment and such right?

Now a moment of silence for the dearly departed New Albany.
Ok ya, guess some people did catch that. Although anyone who read X-Man shoulda seen it comming...

And uh... eole?

EDIT: Oh people, my mistake
I'm Alive!!

Yea, I've been really busy with things. As evident in my lack of updates for both Deci-Nation and Cimmerian City.

Well this comic may confuse you, not the actually comic, itself, but where the plot is going. Think of it as me Tarentinoing the story. You'll get it all towards the end. Until then, enjoy the seemingly random jokes.

Enjoy :)

P.S. I'll do my best to get a Cimmierian City update some time this week, but I make no promises.
Best of luck Rhino, don't forget us.
You believe correctly.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I been bogged down with homework and social gatherings the last week.... I'll make a new one tonight.
EVIL SANTA! That explains a lot actually.....
OOOOOH! Suspense!.... and whatchu mean no crossovers for awhile?!
September 29th, 2005
Very very nice Rhino.

Zar: I'd guess one of 2 things happened. He's selling his comic for money, or Gary Larsen's lawyers/family got on his ass. Who knows?
Wait What 2
Still confused? this comic either answered questions, or just gave you more. But in time, all will be explained.

Enjoy :)
Nice, real nice
I wholeheartedly agree
Yea, I've been thinking that for awhile now... butcha beat me to a comic about it... So you lose a point O.o
OK, since it seems that no one will offer you constructive criticism... *cough* Pluto *Cough* TRTL. I'll be the one to do so.

You're doing a digimon comic, which are few and fr between to my knowledgem which gives you some points in originality. And you use backgrounds, which is nice. Also, your speech bubbles are done well. However, that's about as far as you go creativity wise.

You're using an author, whihc has been done to death, and he's just a Megaman recolor... not too good of one either. As a matter of fact, seems like most of your non-Digimon characters are juts simple MM recolors. Recolors can be fun here or there, but constantly using them is a big no-no.

As far as plot is concerned... your plot appears to have potential, but the lines are rather korny, and the punchlines, arn't too good.

Work on your spriting and plot development, and you could have a good comic on your hands.

Xman out.
You say you've heard things about X-man? What kinds of things?
Wait, What?
I know some of you are like " WTF!" Confusing eh? But I try to make my storylines as Tarentino-ish as possible. But that I mean a crapload of twists. I'll probably post up 1 or 2 more comics tonight, since I didn't post any 3 days streight.

Confused? Then I've accomplished my mission, all should be explained within a few more comics. Expect a flashback sometime.

Enjoy :)
Most of my friends have Ipods, I have an Ipod mini myself. I personally fin the nano to be a rip off, because for 50 bucks more then a nano that hols 1000 songs, you can get a regular Ipod that holds 5000. And the Ipod shuffle... I am so against.
September 25th, 2005
Not a problem, just keep the comics comming.
Slowed down the time for the speeches. Kinda ruins the fluidity, but gives plenty of time to read.