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Lol @ Knuckles/Amy :P
This looks interesting
Theres not much to get...its meant to be random
It switches to a new one every day if thats what you dont get
Battle cry :O
So, yeah, Im back :O what do you think.
You met them all!
Sorry that this one is a little late. Now we have our beginning comics for each character! :O Like them?

For the most part, Vert will update on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Dusty, Edwin, Stella) and I update Tuesday and Thursday (Eileen and Coy). Keep coming back :P
Haha, It's not a boulder, it's a ROCK
The password is Chilidogs?
Should have known.
It's the first issue!
There's no jokes in here, but at least the scene is set. :P We're going to start uploading the rest this Monday (and all following weekdays.) Make note to check back then!

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