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oh I LIKE! Def. faving this one :)
April 30th, 2009
When sand gets hit by lighting, it creates glas. So naturally, when earth gets touched by a disturbing hot thing with as much juice as there is in lightning, it's possible the earth would turn to glass. Yay.
THERE! An update! :)
Oooh I *like* it. I love the art style it's so... FLCL, but better. I'm gonna have to fanart! <3
there will be more. eventually XD I'll put it up as I do it...
my new art style... see? see? smexy bishies ^_^ When I finish with the upload of the pages already drawn, this is the style you'll see.
the long awaited CHAPTER TWO! wooo
February 9th, 2007
ACTUALLY... That's Cute Little Neko. Chacha shows up later, because I wanted Chach to have a bigger part and CLN said she wanted to be in it tooooo
Bwahaha... I need to update this >.< *dies*
Hey C'MON!! Dark is cool... in his own, accidentally perverted way... ^^;;;
I'm here now, kind of! And there is living now, somewhat! *runs away from Orochimaru* >_>;;; imsobad
Ya! I'm glad this is liked somewhat! *dances*
Pa!! OMG! I *DID*!!
Oooh, Yaoi. Very good line art. The color on the cover is beautiful. Some of your proportions are a bit messed up, but I think you could go professional with a bit of practice. ^.^
That's awesome... GO ALIENS GO! ^.^
Well, he *could* drown a fly, the guy is just majorly insulting him >_>;
Glad you like~ The art is HORRIBLE. This is so old >_>;;;
Now what gave you that idea? ^.^ I have a week off from work and I love to draw anyways. SO. Yeh. A few pages everyday until I run out of ideas~!
I drew them last night while my roommate was on the computer >_>;;;
That's *SUZAWA MAKO*. She's gonna hurt you now... >_>;;; Naww, not really though. She's a cute, bubbly type!

I'm glad though, somebody noticed that.