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Hi! My name is Janelle Brown and I'm 20 years old. I love to draw and have fun while doing it!^^ I'm out of high school and doing nothing!...until I find a job. I'm going to college next year^^ This is my first comic online, so please be kind to it^^

Here's my tumblr:

And here's my y!Gallery:
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Aww! Thank you, Santa! This is so cute!
February 25th, 2017
Dom is ready to fight him XD!
Bad idea bae....

Read Custody on Tapastic:
He wasn't lying, Dom lol
@ZHODY the delfinator:

It looks alright to me... I think...
In my old script, this would of went on so much long lol. Glad that I shorten it though.
Anyway, see you guys next time!

Read Custody on Tapastic!
There go Dom doubtin' lol
Haven't drawn these guys in a minute! Yall remember we used to ship these two?
My old fans would know about that lol.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pages! Read Custody on Tapastic!
January 23rd, 2017
There they go...
It was me!!!! Hope you like it, tallyb!
And here's the last page of the day! From now on, I'm uploading two pages bi-weekly. I have too much mess to do and I can't do pages weekly now. Hope that's okay, at least you guys get more!

Alright, hope you guys have a happy new year!
Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome Christmas or whatever! I'm giving you guys two pages today since this year is almost over and all.

Jere does not want to be touched right now...
December 8th, 2016
Chapter 1 Page 12
Hey guys! Here's another page for yall! So, the arm thing is happening now! About time, right?

Oh and in other news, I'm going to be doing job training at a library on Monday. So I might be kinda slow but I'll try to update as much as I can. Thanks for understanding.

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November 25th, 2016
Chapter 1 Page 11
I did had something different for Kant to say but I forgot what it was. But this is alright tho.

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Okay, I lowkey needed to say something real quick
I'm usually just read silently, but that last panel tho. Like really mom? She's that's mad that he wouldn't even give his own son lunch or money to pay?????? You gonna him starve in school? XD!!

At least be like, "Here's half of lunch money, get the rest on your own."
November 12th, 2016
Chapter 1 Page 12
Kant is tired of your mess, J.
Hope you enjoyed this double update!
Chapter 1 Page 11
Here with two pages, just because! :)
Chapter 1 Page 10
Hey guys! I'm back yet again! I was having some motivation troubles but I'm just gonna push myself and do this comic. And also,I had this page in my files already so why not finish it, right?
Chapter 1 Page 9
Hey guys! I'm finally back...again. Sorry for the unexpected break, I wasn't really feeling my comic at the time so I wanted to back away from it for a while. But now, I'm ready to get back to it!
Chapter 1 Page 8
Hey guys! Hope you had a good week! Here's today's page and they finally started talking to each other. And they don't look like they are on good terms either...

Wonder what Jere gonna do with that orb? We'll see next time! Also, support me on Tapastic!