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0ct0b3r Rain
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    Skyler October
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oooooo! someone's p*ssed!

loving it so far! cant wait for the next page!
Always nice to see another page up! I just loooooove this comic!
Absolutely loving th e story line and characters!!!! really do hope that you will decide to continue your story!!! Love it and love your work!
What an expression! so beautifully drawn!!!! poor guys, I wish everything would just be sorted out so they could be happy again!!! <3
Another epic page! lovit!@ I wish you would post more often though xD
this comic is killing me! its just so good!!!!!! cannot wait for the next page!!!! love it! the way you can show your character's emotions so well is just plain EPIC!
love your comic! Matt doesnt look too happy lol, cant wait for the next page!