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Hai~ 8) I'm Kelly -- but most people call me Blu. You can find me on Twitter (, YouTube (, and dA (actually, I should say ESPECIALLY dA)(
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I can hate him. I really do hate him. I hate him with more than the passion of a thousand burning suns.
The only problem is that I can't hate him and look at his face at the same time.

Still waiting for that good twin XD
I can hate him vehemently for the things he's done and the person he is D< . . .
but nothing can change the fact that he is DEAD SEXY. Does he have a good twin? Or something?

@youpeoplefreakingoutoverpedocomments: they are joking. that's the point.
now why am i struck by the strangest sense of deja vu? I swear to god i have had a dream about this particular moment in this particular comic. . . and before i started reading... *hums Twilight Zone music*
aww, :( don't cry Desta!
It's a bad omen for the rest of us. TTATT
Update soon.
Please. :( I miss it already.
I actually really like that this isn't all graphic -- it would take so much away from it.

@oliveoil -- :0 NO. YOUR SHITTING ME, RIGHT?! I would have died. no, i would have paid to watch, then died. XD

then again, i am that girl that would stand there with a "will yuri for yaoi" sign shamelessly.
0.o that one definitely caught me off gaurd. . . at least mommy wasn't reading over my shoulder. . . there would have been some major 'slplaining to do on my end.
but i thought we weren't trying to be virtuous D<
no matter. . . i just keep reading.
*saves page* Hellooo, new desktop. XD

(edit): Mondays are also my new favorite day.
Why no, actually. No he would not.
*grabs Tommy protectively*
*waits eagerly for next page*

and now i shall go find myself a gloomy bear to keep me company while I wait. : )
oh, but he looks so SEXXY in the seventh panel! 8D
@Pokemon? Thanks for the update! Now onto sports news. . .
XD I totally missed that even though we studied weather for like, two months last year in science.
AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Someone's gonna get raped. xP
Micky is wonderful and hot and I want him in my closet. XD can I please? maybe just rent him on the weekends? *pouts*
B-but the last panel is gorgeous! :0 I really do like it . . . it's actually my favorite on this page.
I love your lyrics. :) I can fairly here the songs playing in my head~
Fufufu! Andi is so cute. <3
AHMYGAWD. Was that a Sweeney Todd reference at the end? 8D I love Sweeney Todd.... -3-
@Bob Pretty much. . . Not that I'm complaining.

XD I wanna squeeze his ass, too.