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I was going to say "Mutiny!" and then I realised it was the title of the page.
I want a manly joel t-shirt, I would totally wear that.
What about the absinthe fairy?
Primeape, I shoez you!
Amakusa Pirate Rabbit. That is all.
Cissy? surely "sissy"! unless you've invented a new word, in which case congratulations are in order.
The last panel is totally Calvin and Hobbes
This is definitely your neatest page so far
I realise limo wreck has other meanings, but I demand that this is named after the soundgarden song.
Haven't sent you anything yet soz.
wut is Oekaki?
Nice page thar.
Get ready for incoming script email, I was going to edit it a little, but the world cup is on.
I almost forgot .. I had an idea that maybe you could comic-ize a script I wrote, what do you think?
Like I need therapy of course
everyone knows you have to wear glasses as well as a shirt and tie to do Calculus, and if you're really good ... pocket protectors.
Do the chickens have large talons?
It's sparkster right?
Rocket knight adventures was on the mega drive though
Edit; forgot to say how sweet this looks, good work.
I'm a busy chicken atm, so you may have to wait,- filming a documentary, writing a comedy and doing sound engineering aren't easy to juggle; especially as an insomniac