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I'm 19 and I freehand this in my spare time. I'm obsessed with adult swim and I prefer cartoons over real life.
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    Kevin Gutierrez
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September 2nd, 2006
i'm pretty drunk rigt now and this comic looks pretty good to me :-).
lol, Socrates came too? now that's a party!
September 2nd, 2006
lol you're funny in a cute way.
September 2nd, 2006
lol this made me chuckle.
if they're cherries you should make an episode where you eat them.
ytmnd jokes on smackjeeves? O rly?
why can't you just be happy that the unicorn is expressing the way it truly feels inside?
dude, that text is way too small to read.
This is for Gina. Jane Austen will be making an appearance soon though, although I think it would be funnier to use real pics of her and Jesus action figures.
cherries are hawt.
strategic text arrangement could have made this funnier.
lmao. Of course! I'll get right on it. I MISS YOU!
and you just used the wrong form of "you're!"
OMG fantastic! LMAO you spelled "relieving" wrong!
LMAO @ Sweet zombie jesus.
true that, why dont they have unconcious tattooing?
I see what you mean.
I was looking through your stuff. I love it! Rhino fucking, hahaha! You have a new fan.
Panel 5 is the bulge of the flower growing under his skin. Panel 6 is the flower erupting in full bloom. "EET'S NOT A TOO-MAH!"
MMMmm... dead babies!