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I like to:
Play video games
be on the internet for hours on end
All the abovex2
Also I'm awesome beyond comparison. Get over it!
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I've updated this randomly, so here it is, when I one day decide to make a dedicated comic, or for anyone else who wants to make one. Just make sure Yamigo has teleportation powers, if you use him.
Just a little something I've been working on. I'm trying to find a good, comfortable sprite level to work on. I would really appreciate some critiques in any way, as I anything new would help shed a light on my image.
That's his name, don't ware it out.
use pose as you wish. If you want to use/edit the blade, just ask.
Swagg sauce edited in school. Great Sword/ Ax/ Sniper Revolver. That's the Dark Torrent.
Frontier Brain For NU, here's my card.
Had this for MONTHS. Couldn't think of anything to add to it but found a bunch of crap from and is the shit. Thank the many spriters of the interwebs.
The Circles and Square are meant to represent a characters type (i.e Speed, Power, or Flight) and Elemental Attribute.
The region is based in France, so I think the Male characters appearance is fitting honestly.
I see where the inspiration for that attack comes from
@Gardevoirlovr7: Anything to help
Well, when you are spriting, right click and go to resize/reskew. When the numbers for width and legnth appear, make sure they are the same, such as 200x200 and not something like 250x320. NEVER use a digit in the tens place, only hundreds for the best results.
Make sure you resize in the hundreds like Blitz said. Also, I may not have much time to update so if you don't hear from me, that just means stuff's gotten in my way.
For those of you who check this out, Shadowthedestroyer95 made a new looking Yamigo back when his S.1 Sheet came out. Well, while looking for a certain pose, I had found his old adaptation, and decided to edit Yamigo to look more like his, so I could get the "feel" to his dynamics. And this came out. He has a form with a bang, but that's on the original sheet. After I made Yamigo S.1, I decided that I wanted to make simpler, yet interesting characters, having their personalities show in stories, which of course, were never made, but have been in my head for some time. I just couldn't get any good idea, and I've found that lack of overall confidence can affect your performance greatly. As time grew on, I couldn't find myself to sprite anything interesting, not even to me. I couldn't make a comic due to lack of overall drive, but I wanted to make a comic that everyone could read and enjoy, not just one of action, but one of story, that shows my woes and fears, and how anybody can overcome themselves and become more if you TRY. If you try, and don't succeed, go harder. Everything in life is a challenge. If you look at everything in life as a challenge and set a goal (however small) you can find that you're capable of some pretty awesome things. Trust me, I speak of experience. I want people to be happy and encourage, and that's what I want most in life is for others to enjoy. Don't worry about me, I was born lucky, black, and proud! People, if you find that you need to get somewere, set small, personal goals to change your life. Try and spend a certine amount of time on the internet for pure educational purposes. I love knowledge, to be able to know is the greatest gift you've got, but understand this: There is knowing, and there is knowing that you don't know. If you don't know it, try and learn it. Don't ever act like you know everything. This leads to arrogance. Patience is a virtue my friends. Sometiomes it's best to sit back and observe, shit, ask questions if ya want ta! Don't ever give up doing something you love, if you practice, you'll get to where you're going (remember: STE SMALL GOALS.) Never say no to a challenge, if you fail, get up and do it again, but understand where you did wrong. Remember, If you fell that you are stuck in a hole and nobody will get you out, understand two things: 1) People only help those who help themselves. Need a confidence boost, think POSITIVE and about the things you do have. The more you think about things you want, the brain creates more reasons as to why you cant have it (aka NEGATIVE THINKING) and 2) When you're stuck in that hole, there is nowhere to go but up! You'll be amazed at how true those motivational posters in your classrooms are! Also, be patient, don't rush through things, slow your boat and smell the roses, if you're like me, you'll always find that if you do, you'll learn a LOT!

... Wow... look at me sounding like I know!
I can counter that team with MINE!
Lol, just kidding.
Man and that was mah birthday......
Yup, him again. Sup bros? DON'T USE PLEASE. Aske before you get any ssssharp ideas....