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Hey have you seen this clip of Pikachu speaking English. The amount of people upset by this amuses me so much.
Sorry if you saw this a few days ago. I made a mistake with the upload times.
Made a mistake on the updates. The next comic appeared instead of this one. It has been fixed.
I really enjoyed writing everything the Angry Sun's says.
@PhoenixFurno: I've watched a stream of it a while back. Which is what really sold me on it. Especially the Bowser's Minions game.
@The_mad_one: You're gonna like what happens next month then.
@PhoenixFurno: Yeah. Even though I still need to get it. I really did enjoy the original. So I'll need to at some point.
@ZSnazzy: Mario just knows how to get things done.
@ZSnazzy: Currently I plan to bring her in when I do Mario Land. Though I'm not sure when that will be.
Well Johnny's gonna need a lot of rest after this one.
Looks like this place is getting crowded.
The attack on the castle begins.
@PhoenixFurno: I'm glad someone noticed.
Sorry for I didn't mention the update time changed to 4 PM EST. I decided it after the last comic was already up.
@Erokuso: I always assumed it happened that way in the game.
@Erokuso: Yes actually. Even though it only has four legs.
Starting next month I'll be changing the time this comic updates to 4:00pm EST. This is just an attempt to get it noticed by other people.
Sorry for the delays again. I've been focusing on my other main comics and playing lots of Metroid Samus Returns. While also working a special Sonic event for this comic. Got a lot of work to do before that happens though.
So I didn't realize this until now but I have over 400 pages here now. So that's pretty good. Thanks for sticking with this for so long.