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That's a nice scene to end on.
I like how Panik handles this. There is no reason for him to care about Aqualus. So I'm glad he doesn't.
Well that's death. Didn't expect him to get it.
Well that's probably the end of 45-K.
@The_mad_one: I'm slightly annoyed I missed the typo but angry I didn't think of "gillfriend".
@Vaporeon is cool: Yeah I change the times every so often. In an attempt to get different people to see this.
I doubt Nemesis went down that easy.
@ZSnazzy: They weren't wearing frog suits before. So he doesn't recognize them.

Also I kinda forgot to have them talk about remembering each other.
Here comes the violence.
He's such a shit.
I really hate this little fucker.
Mr. G? Celedon? What could this be?
I wish I had Raz's money.
What wonders await?
This probably sounds really dirty to someone.
This chapter now comes to an end. Prepare yourselves for the next one.
Gonna be updating earlier in the day for a bit.
Yep. This is happening now.
I'm glad I got use Stanley again.