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Lord Enigma
I could put something here but I really don't feel like it.
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I just noticed I forgot Roy's tail. Oh well.
It's always nice when the pages write themselves.
Read please
So you may have noticed the name of the comic has changed. This is to more appropriately organize the other stories that will be eventually added to this. Don't worry nothing will really change here. Benny and Jenny will still be the main focus of this. I'm also considering increasing the updates a week. Though not for another month or two.
The cats are very important.
Nice comic you got here. Good work.
Raz sure has a lot of money.
@Silvertheumbreon: I think they were doing some weird role play thing.
Almost forgot again.
Oh. I caused the delay. That's kinda hilarious. Though I also feel slightly bad.
If you came looking for Metal Coconuts. Sorry. I just realized I forgot to make a page this week.
I'm hoping all this information is accurate.
Figures the Ids would be like that. Though I'm guessing to remove them is extra bad.
Uh oh. There's more of them.
This is still happening. Even with all the Kirby stuff.
Sorry if you saw this last week. I messed up the release date.
I really like the fucked up existence of 45-K.
Well that's not good. Sneaky watchers shouldn't be trusted.
This looks like it'll be a nice fun story. Probably for the best you get as much as you can done before it actually starts. I'll be waiting. Good luck.