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Behind the scenes.
It was around this time I decided to alter the koopa sprites. So all koopas have now been changed a bit. Though as of typing this I feel like I need to change a bit more though.
We now leave the forest and head onward to Pewter city. Another chapter done. Feeling pretty good about the next one. Got some fun things coming.
Since I don't say as much as I feel I should. Thanks for reading this. I do appreciate it.
@TimeSceo: Yep. That's the idea.
@Erokuso: I know what you mean. They're pretty evil in that one as well as the original.
This would have been up yesterday but I just forgot.
Charlie is quite the horrible one. Sorry I've neglected this story for so long. Had some trouble deciding what horrible thing he would do.
I'll admit I've been enjoying this more than I thought I would.
I'm sure he'll be fine. Just in a whole mess of pain.
Oh damn. I didn't expect him to get shot. I enjoy the classic villainy this guy has got going on.
Looks almost like Mushroom person found his way into this.
Man. Those two just don't learn.
I moved this to Monday. As my Mario comic updates on Sunday now.
If only you could do this in the games.
Give this a read
Gonna be moving updates to Sunday and Thursday. Starting next week.
Wait. This thing lives? I didn't expect this to ever happen again. Well it is nice to see it again.
Sorry for delaying this one for so long.
It was Vector! Somehow!