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Lord Enigma
I could put something here but I really don't feel like it.
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I am now aware Mario has his gloves when he shouldn't. I should fix it but I probably won't.
Remember Nova first appeared to negotiate with Raz.
I like Frank's style.
Oh boy. There goes Goku. Poor Jay.
Teleporting is always useful.
Nice to get some information on the Nexus.
I'm still sticking around. Happy Halloween.
Murder is the best way to bring people and pokemon together.
Nice to see you back doing stuff again. Also nice to see that the life changes are doing alright for you.
I got a bad feeling about this Id situation.
@thedragonlord: Oh so I did. Can't believe that sat there for eight years. Well it's just gonna have to stay.
@thedragonlord: Man this is eight years old. I don't remember.
This entire concept is ridiculous and I love it.
Well if I'm gonna suggest something it may as well be episode 1 of David the Gnome.
Uh oh. I feel like that voice may have been something bad for her now.
@Guest: Both. I've just never acknowledged which is which. I tend to leave stuff like this to your imaginations.
Damn. That's quite the reveal.
Continuing the Super Crown shenanigans. I made this. I am pretty sure no one will get what I'm doing with this.
Also I guess this is a preview of something in the future. Whenever Pipe Land happens.
@Guest: I know this is a late reply. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix it when I can.