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Sorry for delaying this one for so long.
It was Vector! Somehow!
Who could the mysterious hero be?
Uh oh. He's gonna do a bad thing. Unless he has a sneaky plan.
@Erokuso: He has the damage in the next comic. I forgot to update this one with the change before it updated itself.
@Erokuso: Oh. I completely forgot to to do that on this one. Whoops. I should fix that.

Edit: Alright. That fixes that.
Welcome to chapter two. I'm really happy with what I have coming up. So enjoy.

I'll be back to updating twice a week again. As I don't have enough of a buffer to for thrice a week. Blame video games and life in general.
Sorry I've been slacking on this lately. I've been distracted by video games and just life in general.
@TimeSceo: He is a robot so he's extending them. That's my reason.

Honestly though. It just easier to have the arms work this way. Since all my characters will do this at some point. Same thing with how they all walk the way they do. It's just easier.
This feels like a fitting ending.
This is all delightfully twisted.
This is a pretty great comic you got going on here.
Enter the base and just ruin everyone's day by killing them.
I made a lot of comics last month. Expect 3 comics a week for the month.
A bit late because Easter. Also Happy Easter. If you care.
Create multiple clones to help dig all around the barrier. To see if a weakness can be found.