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I could put something here but I really don't feel like it.
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@TimeSceo: All set. Thanks for pointing that out.
Well it's over. It took long enough but it's done. This is the ending I planed when it began. Though I did cut a lot out. Maybe I'll do something else with this. One day maybe.

I noticed her crown just disappears. I'm not gonna fix it though. It's whatever.
We twisted right on back.
Yet another twist.
So I started making this and it started getting really long. So I broke it into four parts. They will update an hour apart.

Anyway. Here's a twist.
Alright. One to go.
I know I've been shit at updating this but now I'm gonna finish this before the year ends. I'll update tomorrow then a big finale on New years eve.
@Guest: No. She's the Wandering Nurse Joy of the Pewter City and Mount Moon area.
What an interesting set of treasures.
@Goku521: Thanks for pointing it out. It's been fixed.
I love how 45-K is so confused.
Gonna start having some Chapter covers from now on. Also here are most of the Pokemon I've made so far.
I know I've been slacking here but I've been focusing on my other comics. Here are some Pokemon for this one. Some will be getting some tweaks over time.
Chapter complete. Next up Mt Moon.
@TimeSceo: I did consider that at one point but that would conflict with his team I've mostly decided on at this point. It's just gonna be a team of six Pokemon. Seven if you want to count Roto.
Hey have you seen this clip of Pikachu speaking English. The amount of people upset by this amuses me so much.
Sorry if you saw this a few days ago. I made a mistake with the upload times.
Made a mistake on the updates. The next comic appeared instead of this one. It has been fixed.
I really enjoyed writing everything the Angry Sun's says.
@PhoenixFurno: I've watched a stream of it a while back. Which is what really sold me on it. Especially the Bowser's Minions game.