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Lord Enigma
I could put something here but I really don't feel like it.
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Due to the coming site changes I've decided to wait until they go into effect before starting the next chapter. Unless the changes are terrible and I leave. I have no current plan for that though. So here's my twitter if need be.
So there's changes coming to the site. I have no idea how this will affect me. So here's my twitter.
I feel like I should post a twitter link today.
Yeah Tellus is having a bad time.
@Pidgeot Slayer: I hate that I still sometimes do that.
Reuploaded. As I saved the last comic as 286 & 287. Which also means I need to fix everything else.
@unregistered: Oh damn I'll fix that now.
Jack knows how to make the best of things.
I just realized I forgot Roto in panel 3. It's been fixed.
Almost forgot this today.
So I've neglected the description for awhile. It's been updated now.
So this chapter comes to an end. The comic will return to Benny and Jenny in the next chapter.
Edit: I fixed some typos. If anyone noticed.
@TimeSceo: That's fine. I wanted people reading this to be able to sort of understand the aliens.
I decided to use a different font for alien language. The font the alien speaks in is called Gadetyper. If you're interested in such things.
Jack may be in for it now.
Something new is here. May get a little nsfw. I haven't fully decided yet.
Pretty sure Looker and his group are the only cops that have ever put in any effort. The rest just feel useless and there.
Honestly was there a reason in the game for this other than just blocking the player? Pretty sure there wasn't.
I'm sure the Emperor won't allow this.
Well I was bound forgot to set this in advance eventually.