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A city? That's an interesting discovery.
One problem solved.
For a while I've been thinking I should have a Chansey in the Pokecenters. I just never did it until now.
Originally that Clefairy was gonna come here to get help. Now it's a Paras.
I have no idea what happened with Morton. I feel it's better this way.
This is so stupid. I'm glad I went with this.
So I decided you don't see Mario fight Morton this time. You get this instead.
I really had a hard time figuring out how this fight will play out.
His hair does seem like it would be fun to work with.
Oh that's an interesting reveal.
I updated something new here.
I updated something new here.
Lately I've felt the need to try another attempt at making my own comic series. It's still a long way off though. This is just me trying to figure out the characters.
@ZSnazzy: I will admit that a lot of this is me having too much fun with his screaming.
@ZSnazzy: Yeah. These evil ramblings have been the most fun I've had making this comic in awhile. I'm gonna miss him.
At this point I changed how my Geodude mouths work. Actually opening. Instead of just being closed when they talk. Like some characters in my other comic.
After reading this comment
I decided to let this Clefairy stick around. Instead of what she was gonna do before. Which I'll point out when I get there.
Just to see how I feel about her sticking around.
You may have seen a comic last time you shouldn't have seen yet. My bad. It's been fixed now.
The faces are pretty great.
This can only end in pain.