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Lord Enigma
I could put something here but I really don't feel like it.
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@Emc_502: yeah pretty much
This didn't update at the proper time. Not sure how I messed that up.
Tuesday we'll be starting the new chapter.
Oh this one got me good. Very nice.
There is something about the emperor's face last panel. It's a real interesting mix of emotion.
Didn't expect to see this again. How nice.
Considering the business he's in. He's bound to have some people that want him dead. Gotta say Aris is a pretty vicious.
I'm currently having a minor problem. Raz needs another Pokemon. I know what the last one will be. I can't really decide on the next one. So I ask you all. What would you like to see Raz have as his next Pokemon? Just no legendaries. Also I make no promises about picking any suggestion made here.
Of course she's some kind of vampire.
Alright. So until I feel like making more. This will be the last of this for awhile. Hope you enjoyed it.
It's gotta be old Leeroy.
I just noticed I forgot Roy's tail. Oh well.
It's always nice when the pages write themselves.
Yeah I Misty uses Staryu but Goldeen was easier to make.
I was planning to end the chapter here but now I'm just gonna toss the rest of Cerulean city here. Since it not worth making a chapter for that.
Read please
So you may have noticed the name of the comic has changed. This is to more appropriately organize the other stories that will be eventually added to this. Don't worry nothing will really change here. Benny and Jenny will still be the main focus of this. I'm also considering increasing the updates a week. Though not for another month or two.
The cats are very important.
Nice comic you got here. Good work.
Raz sure has a lot of money.