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Lord Enigma
I could put something here but I really don't feel like it.
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Poor Leeroy indeed.
@TimeSceo: In SMB3 the king of Water Land looks like Mario.
@ZSnazzy: Oh that would have been good here. Too bad I didn't think of it.
That's probably the end of him.
Uh oh. He has returned.
So that Direct happened the other day. Peachette is a thing now. So I made this dumb thing and put it on my twitter.
Next time the 500th page.
So to celebrate making it to 500 pages. I have this stupid conversation.

Seriously though I'm amazed I've kept this going for as long as have. Since it's been over 5 years as well. Kinda forgot about that anniversary.
Anyway I really appreciate all of you that read and have stuck with this over the years. Thank you all.
I feel like the Emperor will regret pushing Panik away.
I liked making this sequence of events.

Also it's almost 500. Damn. I should do something special.
That song takes me back. Link if i remember
I had a lot of fun making pretty much everything involving this bar.
I should continue this at some point.
@TimeSceo: I'd say anyone would be but I've been around the internet long enough to know better.
This is silly. I like this.
That's a nice scene to end on.
I like how Panik handles this. There is no reason for him to care about Aqualus. So I'm glad he doesn't.
Well that's death. Didn't expect him to get it.
Well that's probably the end of 45-K.