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Lord Enigma
I could put something here but I really don't feel like it.
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If your Making Marios. I have a level right here. NBT-765-RFF
@Bliss: Thanks. I keep wanting to make them more like real walking but I enjoy it like this too much.
It really has been awhile. Nice to see you around again.
@TimeSceo: That's the right way to feel.
I originally planned to never have the characters talk in Fredrik's tales. I didn't think it would work in this one.
This probably won't end well.
That's interesting way to come to the creation of a character.
@The_mad_one: Yeah. I decided to go with how it looked back then. Instead of the current look. Which would have just been the takooni suit recolored.
Oh that's an interesting looking fellow.
So I went and revised the titles. Get things looking a bit better here.
@Pidgeot Slayer: In the original Red and Blue. It's implied that Saffron's fighting dojo was the original gym. Then the psychic gym beat them and replaced them. Meaning gyms can be replaced. Here the dark gym replaced the psychic gym. Then because fighting beats dark. The fighting gym regained their gym status. It became a constant cycle of this.
@Emc_502: yeah pretty much
This didn't update at the proper time. Not sure how I messed that up.
Tuesday we'll be starting the new chapter.
Oh this one got me good. Very nice.
There is something about the emperor's face last panel. It's a real interesting mix of emotion.
Didn't expect to see this again. How nice.
Considering the business he's in. He's bound to have some people that want him dead. Gotta say Aris is a pretty vicious.