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I'm just friends wanted me to partecipate in one of the webcomics...It sounded fun so here i am!

I really do like art alot though i'm not really that good...I hope to learn from this! I will get better as time progresses!

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Inspiration hit me!
Wow an like forever...dose any one even read this anymore... it going to kill her?

I need to know!
every ones shocked...i dont get it...they never seen a torist before?

Any way...lovely page...
Wow...blood...i like this page alot...

Poor twins...I hope they get rescued!
I'm going to make a gesses he's making an ariel statue?
Yeah he's not getting married!

For now any way...
Uh oh...ariel isent going to like that...
The compatition apperes...she's on fire!
Hehe...this is cute!

And yeah for getting final exams almost done...i had to do those last week!

Keep up the great work!
Wow! I was in aww the whole time i need to know what happens!

Is she the cause of the curse?
What's going to happen next? I need to know!
This is so cute! I cant wait for the next page!
wow! He...he's naked!

I cant wait to see what happens!
I hope it works! Please let it work...

wait...what's he going to use for cloths!?
Yeah updates! I love this...Ariel is just all la-de-da off to lala land...he's so cute!
wow...the news is kinda they'll go icestinct!
He's mute? No!

Oh last he'll get to see his prince! I hope...
OMG! Dont kill him!

Even if he is part fish!