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lol! i waited tell now to comment on this xD

that was great!! a rape scene woulda been ok but this is also good and holy crap gany see through clothes xD LMAO

oh and whenu said pedoegale i laughed so hard i teared up a bit xD
freken greast 24 hour comic eva!!
aw even though she just tried to kill him the pumpkin guys protecting scorch! D'AWWWWW
aww he gunna do a song!! huh!!! sooo cute :3
ur hands are great! better than what i could do XD
lol i love this xD
is he changing cause that what it looks like :3 cant wait XD
wow!! just wow!!! had to comment xD
February 23rd, 2009
XD lol!!
shes cute! whats the cats name?? love cats <3
February 13th, 2009
he looks kinda pissed xD Love ur comic <3
so pretty!! love ur stlye!!
O.O scary... but he so cute <33333333
SUSPENSE!!! she gunna get in trouble :3

Cool! i love ur style :3
whered the key land...cant wait to know :3
ewww his brother Xp

this reminds of shell sylverstien... think i spelled that right xD
i like this :3 +faved
whered the knife come from all of a sudden O.o

XD +faved
man that frisbee has to be steal or something xD