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Going outiside
An action I regret doing on a fairly regular basis.
What better way to get myself noticed in the hotel?

But seriously...moths are gross.
Well at least he now has a neighbour. Half way there.
@kinny-man: Thank you!
Unfortunately I still have my full sprite sheet to plan out, but i'm working all round the clock!
Well then...
After a 4 year absence from Smack Jeeves, I make my comeback.

Not much to comeback from but you know...I made comics once.

Update: I re-learned how to use a better "comic making software" right after I posted this. I'm very cross.
Go dylan
My first update in like a year and what is it? An old or new poll, go dylan, you fuckin suck
I apologise that my character is just a green recolour of shadow, with a red hoodie and jeans, i would've made something better but im not great with making sprites, i acctualy kinda suck :S
@Zak TH I thikn someone just made their first comic ever

and also never read the last one
never tried that before, thanks for the tip ;)
@your shadow same here buddy :'(
@Blitzn'Burst it is indeed alot of snow
wait, what did you do to me?
Wesker: You've really become, quite an inconvinience for me...
Chris: D'aaaw! That's just adorable!
Wesker: ¬.¬
my b-day's 2nd of September ;)
Oh yeah...i forgot about Sonic
I don't suck!